23 weeks!!

I will be 23 weeks on Friday, so I decided to do a little update on Peep and I!

From babycenter.com
How your baby's growing:
Turn on the radio and sway to the music. With his sense of movement well developed by now, your baby can feel you dance. And now that he is more than 11 inches long and weighs just over a pound (about as much as a large mango), you may be able to see him squirm underneath your clothes. Blood vessels in his lungs are developing to prepare for breathing, and the sounds that your baby's increasingly keen ears pick up are preparing her for entry into the outside world. Loud noises that become familiar now — such as your dog barking or the roar of the vacuum cleaner — probably won't faze him when she hears them outside the womb.

I have been able to feel him move for a couple of weeks now and it is so fun! The other day in church we had guitar music that was louder than normal and every time it played Peep would move all around!

For the most part I am feeling great!! I get uncomfortable when I sit too long, but my office chair (where I am most of the day) is quite comfy, so that's a plus!! I haven't been sleeping well, but mostly due to the fact that I can't get my mind to settle down long enough to fall asleep!! I can't stop thinking about all things baby!! It's just so exciting!!

I am definitely "showing!" I feel HUGE and will not be sharing any pics with this post..sorry, you'll just have to imagine my giganticness!!

I haven't gotten anything monogrammed yet, which really surprises me! hehe!! I did however get the Wild West fonts Cricut cartridge so I can cut out cute vinyl monograms to stick on everything :)

Peep does have a name (Merritt Wylie Moss) but for the most part we still call him Peep or sometimes Mare Mare..I don't know why, because all along I wanted his nickname to be Rhett (as in Butler...I mean how much more Southern can you get!?!?) I will have to make an effort to call him this more and ditch the Mare Mare!!

We love the name and think it "flows" nicely! Wylie is my Daddy's middle name and was my Great Granddaddy's first name, so it meant alot to me to have Wylie be part of his name and it just sounds like a little cowboy!! For the first name, we both just liked Merritt and since it had my prerequisite "M" as the first letter, it was an easy yes!! The Sunday before we had the ultrasound we were flipping through the channels and caught the College National Finals Rodeo reruns, the saddle bronc rider that was up was named Merritt...it was a sign and sealed the deal...hehehe!! Not that I want my baby to be a saddle bronc rider, team roping will be just fine..hahaha!!!

Well I can't think of anything else that yall don't already know about this little Peep...I have to say, since we found out it's a boy, the one looming question remains, will it have red hair?!?! Me and my brother and sister have red hair and my sisters kids both have red hair...stay tuned to see if the Dutch blonde wins out over the fiery Spanish red heads :)


Nursery News!!

Well, there really isn't any news, but I have pics to show you of the room all cleaned up and ready for furniture and decorating!! I am BEYOND excited for my Momma, Sister, and Niece to get here this weekend!! I'm really excited about the closet...it's gonna be sooo cute!!

I spent an hour on the phone this morning trying to figure out where my yellow chair is, but didn't have much luck! ughhhh!! Not impressed!

Ok, on to the pics....

This is the closet! All of those clothes will go in the dresser, but I have to wait until the dresser gets here :)

This is his cute little western bookshelf!!

We are going to paint the non-matching tubs at the top in a red or yellow, so they become matching tubs for more storage!!

His wardrobe so far!! Most all of these are Vitamins Baby cowboy outfits!! Sooo cute :)

Here are some of my faves!

The Farmer's Momma got him this one...it has a little horse with it!

My Momma got him this one :)

and my Daddy got him this one!! It's safe to say Peep gets something anywhere they go!

I love this receiving blanket!! We found it in Sheridan, WY while on vaycay this summer!

and this is the little seat/coat hanger I was telling yall about!! Soo fun!!

I have been in his room a lot since we got it all cleaned, it's just so much fun to look at all the fun stuff he has!! Now I just need a chair to sit in!! :)


Maddie and Dawson - Hull, IA Photography

This brother and sister were soo cute! And talk about giving me some great poses!!! More models in the making :) Enjoy some of my faves!!



Some of the things I have ordered are finally starting to arrive!! I got the polka dot bedding in (adorbs!) and one of the cowboy blankets! I LOVE the way they look together and I even think they look great with the tan color that is already on the walls in the room that is to be Peep's nursery!! So maybe no painting will be required..stay tuned!!

My chair still hasn't made it, so I'm a little nervous about that, but everything else is coming along just as I had planned! My Decorating Crew is bringing all the furniture with them, it's a Jenny Lind white set and is fabulous!! My Ma (Momma's Momma) bought it for us (my siblings) when we were babies, then my sister used it for her kids and now I get to use it!! It's soo pretty and goes with anything! There is a crib, changing table, dresser, high chair, and the most precious little coat rack thing with a little seat on it...I have no idea what it's really called and can't find it online but this piece is extra special because Ma gave it to me for one of my birthdays and I just sat on it the whole day and wouldn't get off (thought I had a pic, but I can't find it, I was soo cute!) I hung all my little purses on it, even when I was in high school!...don't think Merritt will do that, but it's perfect for his rope and spurs his Grandaddy already got him!!

The Farmer and I will be moving my indoor studio to the basement this weekend, since the room the studio is in will be the nursery! Not sure when I will have the new studio all ready to go, but I have to have the nursery empty, now! All this baby stuff taking over my house!! It needs a home!!

Of course there will be tons of nursery pics once we get it all set up!! I told the Farmer the other day, that I hoped our next baby was a girl, because I was gonna be soo bored during that pregnancy without a new room to design and decorate!! If it is a boy, I will just have to design and decorate Merritt's "big boy room" instead....ok never mind, problem solved!! haha!! Maybe I should have this babe first, before I start to worry about that! :)

Well that's it for now! I have 5 shoots to edit, so be prepared for lots of cuteness to grace the blog soon!!!


Elise and Colton - Hull, IA Photography

Check out this sweet brother and sister!! I just love when a little girl lets me put a big flower on her head...soo adorable!! And Colton's big blue eyes get me every time!! Here are some of my faves! :)


More fun finds!!!

First of all, I found this adorable little rug at Khols online! Isn't it fun?!?! Hopefully it will go with all the other decor I have picked out!!!


Now when I found this, I literally squealed with delight!!!! It's a tub in my cowboy fabric!!! I had to have it! I immediately emailed the head of my decorating crew (Momma) to show her, and although I wasn't there, I'm pretty sure she squealed too!! haha!! She ordered me two of them! We are taking the UGLY brown sliding doors off the closet and keeping it open (see example below), so I am going to need lots of storage items to put on the shelves that also look nice since the closet wont have any doors!! My furniture set has a dresser and a separate changing table, so the dresser will go in the closet, to save space! I have some red bandanna print tin tubs already and I think these will look perfect together!!! Can you tell how excited I am?!?!?! http://www.etsy.com/listing/77515359/wild-west-large-round-galvanized-party?ga_search_query=wild%2Bwest&ga_search_type=user_shop_ttt_id_5258205

This is kinda the look we are going for with the closet..although my closet has alot more shelving!


Now, the moment you've all been waiting for!!

It's a BOY!!!!!!!!!!

Everything looked great on the ultrasound, and she said there was no doubt it was a boy!! As my Momma said, "Let the shopping begin!!!" And that's just what I did..ha! I ordered all the bedding, curtains, and a few other things this evening!!

I ended up changing my mind about the western handkerchief quilt I had posted about earlier. I saw an even cuter cowboy blanket (below with brown ruffle) and couldn't resist! It's by Razzle Baby and is adorable! I'm not posting the link, however, because if the Farmer knew how much it cost he would shut off my Internet FOREVER!! HA!!

I searched around and found some matching polka dot (you knew that was coming!!) bedding to go with it!!! Sooo cute!! I even found some of the cowboy fabric, so I (or someone that actually sews) can make valances to go over the polka dot curtain panels! I am soo excited about his room, I made a little collage of what everything looks like!! Can't wait to get it all done and share the pics with yall :) I think it all ties in nicely with my chair too!!!

Ohh and just in case you wanted to go ahead and get his name monogrammed on something (hehehe) It's Merritt Wylie Moss!!! or Peep if you prefer :)


The 'M' Girls!! - Hull, IA Photography

Wow! These little gals can pose! I told them I was sure they were going to be America's Next Top Model when they grew up! :) Enjoy some of my faves of these sweet sisters!


Friday is "the" day!!!

Well...as you can guess I still don't know what our little Peep is!!! My appointment went great, everything looks good and she even sent me home with some yummy neon orange drink (glucose screening) to enjoy before my appointment next month..ha! She just couldn't make out if it's a boy or a girl, but the good news is, I get to go back on Friday for my "big" ultrasound to find out!!! No more weekend waiting!! Now if Peep tries to hide, this momma is not gonna be impressed!!

So to tide me over until Friday, I decided to do a little nursery shopping!!! I have had my eye on this chair for awhile but couldn't decide if the color would be right! I would like to use it for all my babes, so I wanted it to be gender neutral anyway and yellow just happens to be in both the girl and boy bedding I have picked out! On the reviews it says it's more of a sunflower color, which will be perfect!! Now I just hope it makes it here before my nursery decorating crew arrives!!

Now! If it's a boy I already have some of these adorable western hankies http://www.rods.com/Set-of-16-Vintage-Western-Hankies,11441.html that I am going to frame and then get this matching quilt for his crib, that I found on Etsy!!

I will use red gingham and red bandanna as bedding and accents!!

And if it's a girl, I will be using this fabric below, mixed with yellow and pink gingham!! LOVE it!!!