Nursery News!!

Well, there really isn't any news, but I have pics to show you of the room all cleaned up and ready for furniture and decorating!! I am BEYOND excited for my Momma, Sister, and Niece to get here this weekend!! I'm really excited about the's gonna be sooo cute!!

I spent an hour on the phone this morning trying to figure out where my yellow chair is, but didn't have much luck! ughhhh!! Not impressed!

Ok, on to the pics....

This is the closet! All of those clothes will go in the dresser, but I have to wait until the dresser gets here :)

This is his cute little western bookshelf!!

We are going to paint the non-matching tubs at the top in a red or yellow, so they become matching tubs for more storage!!

His wardrobe so far!! Most all of these are Vitamins Baby cowboy outfits!! Sooo cute :)

Here are some of my faves!

The Farmer's Momma got him this has a little horse with it!

My Momma got him this one :)

and my Daddy got him this one!! It's safe to say Peep gets something anywhere they go!

I love this receiving blanket!! We found it in Sheridan, WY while on vaycay this summer!

and this is the little seat/coat hanger I was telling yall about!! Soo fun!!

I have been in his room a lot since we got it all cleaned, it's just so much fun to look at all the fun stuff he has!! Now I just need a chair to sit in!! :)



  1. So fun!! Yay for little cowboys!!

  2. And you are so way beyond me...but considering I just moved in to my house last weekend I'm cutting myself some slack :)