Today is the DAY!

Well not really "the" day, but I am almost 21 weeks and I am going to the doctor at 1:00 this afternoon! We will schedule our "big" ultrasound today, but I'm hoping that the Doc will be able to tell us what our little Peep is on the smaller ultrasound machine in her office! I know this is probably wishful thinking, but I am DYING to know!!!!

At first I really wanted a girl, but I keep having dreams and seeing random pics that make me think it's a boy and it makes me kinda excited to have a little farmer. At this point I just want to know so I can start nesting already!! (and to the besties that have seen my stash, lets just keep that between us!! ha!) I want to finalize the room...get the perfect bedding and paint colors, and all the other necessities to make the room PERFECT!! My Momma, Sister, and Niece are coming up Labor Day weekend to work on the nursery and I need to have my plan together by then! Which means I needed to know what this babe is 2 weeks ago! HAHA!

If she can't tell today, we are hoping to get our "big" ultrasound scheduled for this week (cross your fingers!), if I have to wait another weekend...I just don't know what I am going to do with myself!!!

We already have names pretty much picked out for a boy or a girl...I will give you a little hint for now, they all start with M's!! I have this thing for alliteration, so the repetition of the letters of the first and last name is a MUST! p.s. If you read my blog you already know the names because I have had my 3 children (2 boys, 1 girl) named since the Farmer and I got engaged! Maybe even a little before! hahaha!!! Don't judge! :)

Anyway, I just had to give you an update...maybe I will have more news this week...maybe you should just pray that I have more news this week, because nobody wants to know what will happen if I don't!!! ;)

Will it be a little princess????

Or a little farmer???

AND will it have red hair?!?!?! :)



  1. Oh girl I am so anxious FOR you!!! I am 17 weeks and have an appt tomorrow for just some blood work and checking in but we get to schedule our "big ultrasound" (funny that's what you call it because that's what I've been calling it) for the next couple weeks!! I am too very excited!! We are moving in to our new house this Friday so I'm kind of glad I don't know yet because I can't even think about a baby room until I'm finally in my own house again!!

  2. How about posting some cute HayMae prego pics already!!?!?!??! :) -TM

  3. How exciting! Hopefully they will be able to tell you :-) I remember how excited we were @ our 20 week scan!