More fun finds!!!

First of all, I found this adorable little rug at Khols online! Isn't it fun?!?! Hopefully it will go with all the other decor I have picked out!!!

Now when I found this, I literally squealed with delight!!!! It's a tub in my cowboy fabric!!! I had to have it! I immediately emailed the head of my decorating crew (Momma) to show her, and although I wasn't there, I'm pretty sure she squealed too!! haha!! She ordered me two of them! We are taking the UGLY brown sliding doors off the closet and keeping it open (see example below), so I am going to need lots of storage items to put on the shelves that also look nice since the closet wont have any doors!! My furniture set has a dresser and a separate changing table, so the dresser will go in the closet, to save space! I have some red bandanna print tin tubs already and I think these will look perfect together!!! Can you tell how excited I am?!?!?!

This is kinda the look we are going for with the closet..although my closet has alot more shelving!


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  1. Oh my goodness I love that tub!! My mama had some fabric like that and in college I made my bff a pillow out of it...I've always wanted more of it! I may have to order me one :)