Jolly Day 6!

Little Debbie's for the win!! Thanks Jolly! 

Always the last to know...

Ok, let's start at the beginning! I told y'all how I had been finding lots of great deals on, well I had ordered some of their digital codes for a few Disney movies (all less than $5) not really knowing what is was/how to download it. Well they came in the mail and were just the little slips that come inside a Disney DVD! I uploaded the codes to my Amazon account and the movies appeared! Soo cool! 

It got me thinking how many other DVDs we had that included digital copies. I went searching and found about seven codes and downloaded them too! Now we can watch those on my iPad when we travel, but that's not even the best news!

 I realized when I was putting in the codes to the Disney movie rewards site, that I was accumliating points! It's then that I realized, all the Disney DVDs we already have, include those slips even if their isn't a digital download. So of course I went through our whole Disney collection, gathered all the slips, and ended up with over 3000 points!!

 They have lots of stuff you can redeem points for, but we chose more DVDs!!

I ended up getting Cars 2 since it has been on our list for awhile. And then let the boys pick out one too..they chose Phineas and Ferb Christmas! And we still have more points!! So fun!!

I'm sure all of y'all have known about this for years but, I'm always the last to know! Haha! I will be keeping better track of those little slips from now on!!

What's Up Wednesday!!

What we are eating this week? Sloppy Joes, Pizza Ranch, Grilled Cheese/Tomato Soup, and Cream Chicken Buns...all about easy this week!!

What we've been up to? Thanksgiving marathon! We started back to our routines on Monday, and needless to say everybody was in bed by 7:00pm!! 

What I'm reminiscing about? My babies! The other day the boys wanted to watch old youtube videos from when they were little...yall, when did they get so big?!?!? Cue the tears!!

What I'm loving?

-Que Bella Mask: These peel off face masks are so fun! They are around $1.99 (found at Target!) and are great for a little pampering! 

-Eye Makeup Remover Pads: I ran out of the Almay ones I had been using, and these were on sale when I was at target, love them!! Will be my go-to from now on!

-Make-up Remover wipes: While I was grabbing the eye pads, I saw these and thought I would try them. I have never really used makeup remover wipes, but now I am hooked!! Can't believe I have wasted my whole life without them! ha! These are really good, but there are so many varieties/scents available, I think I will grab a different one next time to try out! 

-Essential Oil Diffuser: I got this on Amazon back in May for my Mother's Day gift! I used it a bit over the summer, but now that sick season is in full swing, I have it running non stop!! It lights up and changes colors, so the boys love it!!

-Young Living Thieves and Peppermint Oil: This combo is my go-to for the diffuser! Thieves for immunity and peppermint to make it smell amazing!! Soo Christmasy! Peppermint also helps boost your mood! I'm not a complete "oily Momma" but I have a few other ones (lemon and lavender) and enjoy using them here and there!! 

-Meyers Peppermint Cleaner: Found this at Target too! I have always loved the smell of peppermint, so it's nice to have a holiday scented cleaner to make it a little fun :)

What I'm working on? Christmas cards!! I am totally in love with them, I just need to finalize the letter update and get them ordered..then mailed out! Can't wait to share it with yall!! :)

What I'm Dreading? Wrapping presents! ha! I love the look of beautifully wrapped gifts, but oh how I hate to actually wrap them!!!

What I'm excited about? Christmas, all the holiday festivities, going to Mississippi, truly is the most wonderful time of the year!!

What I'm watching/reading? The Crown on Netflix, This is Us, and Designing Women (I'm almost done with Season 2!!)

What I'm listening to? Christmas music!! I got the boys some new cd's for the car! One is traditional carols and the other is fun kid songs (found them both on Amazon)! I love that they love Christmas as much as I do!! 

What I'm Wearing?
I am loving this cargo vest (as you can see!!) Also loving plaid..The Farmer wants to know why I keep going to lumberjack conventions! Haha, soo funny! (please note the sarcasm!!) These new boots might have enhanced the Paul Bunyan look, but who cares, they are super cute!!

What I'm Doing this weekend? We are taking the boys to the zoo for breakfast with Santa and going to our nieces 3rd birthday! Can't wait!!

What I'm looking forward to next month? Do I really have to answer this!?! CHRISTMAS!!!!

What else is new? Hmm..what else?? Well we did decide on Merritt's b-day party themes! His Mississippi party will be Big Foot...of course there are zero Big Foot party decorations anywhere, so this should be interesting!! For his Iowa party, he wants Dusty Crop-hopper! Much easier, and I already have all the party things bought! We are going to try something different this year and have his party at the indoor pool. AS yall know, I really don't like to swim, but he ADORES it and I know all the cousins will have tons of fun!! And bonus, I wont have to clean my house!! hahaha!!


Jolly Day 5!

Jolly brought all their Little People Christmas sets today! They were so excited!! Merr had been asking about them since I put away the Thanksgiving ones!! I knew Jolly would bring them out sooner or later ;)

Jolly Day 4!

Jolly brought them fleece snowman hats this morning! They loved them!!


Kindermusik Celebration Day!

McCoy had his Kidermusik Celebration Day today! The Farmer and Grandma came to watch him show off all the stuff he has learned!! He loves it so much, it is so cute!! :)