The Boys Christmas Lists!!

As yall know, I usually go CRAZY at Christmas, but this year I decided to scale back a little since the boys have sooo many toys! Don't get me wrong, they are still getting plenty, but I tried to keep it to things that they would really love and enjoy and not get tossed aside the day after Christmas! 

So without further adieu, here's what they are getting!!

For Merritt: Ertl Big Farm loader tractor, a planter, a bull riding/bucking chute set, binoculars, Life of Pets DVD, magnet builders, Usborne On The Train book, Hungry Herd game, Glow Doodler, Flashlight Friend, and a Toy Story Snuggie blanket.

For McCoy: Ertl Big Farm loader tractor, a baler, a roping chute set, binoculars, Finding Dory DVD, magnet builders, Usborne Look Inside Trains book, Guess Who game, Glow Doodler, Flashlight Friend, and a Toy Story Snuggie blanket.

They talk about these loaders daily!! Sometime this summer, Merritt and I were at Bomgaars and when he saw them, he immediately said he wanted the red one and McCoy wanted the blue one (that is their favorite colors!)!! Ha! I told him that we could put the red one on his Christmas list, but that he couldn't choose what McCoy wanted! Cut to a few weeks later when McCoy and I were there, he spots the blue loader and begs for it!! haha!! Same thing happened with the planter and the baler, so I guess Merritt knows his little brother pretty well!!

I picked up the magnet builders a while back thinking they would like them, even though we had never played with them. Then Merritt came home one day from school talking about how cool they were!! Score one for Mom, I know they will love them!

They have been asking for binoculars since this summer while playing in their "tree house fort" and going on "safaris," so these will be a huge hit! 

I got the books at a friends Usborne party this summer, the one for Merritt is a "shine-a-light on" book and you use a flashlight with it to reveal whats inside the train, pretty cool! McCoy's is a lift-a-flap, but has the same, look inside the train, concept!

They have been SOO into rodeo since Merritt started mutton busting! They have been using their squeeze chute as a bucking chute to play rodeo, so these new sets will be so fun! They are the Schleich brand, so it will go perfectly with all our other stuff!

We love to have family game nights, so I always try to get them games! I don't even know if you can get the Hungry Herd one anymore? I have had it put up for at least four years! ha!

The boys are obsessed with flashlights, so these flashlight friends will be the perfect thing for bedtime and road trips!! I got them both the puppy ones! So cute! I'm not sure where to buy them now, but I found these on for $3 a couple of months ago!! Same with the Toy Story Snuggies, they were $4! They LOVE balnkies, so these are sure to be a big hit!! 

And I just could not pass up the Glow doodlers ($4 on Hollar)! I had something similar when I was a kid called a Nickelodeon Flash Screen (anybody remember those?!?!) It was at the top of my wish list one Christmas and I was obsessed with it! So I just had to grab these for the boys!

The DVD's will actually got in their stockings, which of course I will share soon! I have so much fun "stuffing" them!! Stay tuned!


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