Makeup Vanity Closet!!

Makeup Vanity Closet

Yall, I am beyond obsessed with my new vanity closet!!! Obsessed! I have always wanted a vanity, but our room just doesn't have a spot for one (especially now with the king size bed squeezed in!) While I was in Mississippi, I had been putting my makeup on while sitting and watching youtube/listening to music and it was so relaxing (The fact that somebody was usually watching my kids, may have added the the relaxing part! ha!) For some reason a light bulb went off and I thought...I could have a vanity in the extra closet in our bedroom!!! 

So I got started with some ideas right away! Of course the colors were going to be pink and teal! I had already bought all the stuff to organize the closet anyway, so it worked out perfectly!

When I got back home, I realized just how bad this closet had gotten! What a disaster! It took a couple of nights, but I finally got everything organized! We have another huge closet along one wall in our bedroom, so this was basically my "just shove it in and forget it" spot!!

All cleaned out! I found the black mirror at Walmart, ordered the table from Amazon (link here), the smaller mirror also came from Amazon (link here), I searched forever and finally found the perfect stool at Hobby Lobby on sale for $25 (link here), the pink and teal boxes came from the Dollar Tree, and the bigger mint colored ones on the very top shelf came from Target!

of course black just wouldn't do, so I spray painted both of these pink!!


The Farmer installed the lights and my vision was complete!!! 
In a house full of boys, it is so nice to have one little super girly spot just for me!!

And I love that our bathroom has counter space again, 
since all my make up is in here now!

I hung my scarves on this side,,,

and purses on the other side,,,

The light up flamingo is from Amazon 
and I found these flamingo printables for free on Pinterest! 

love them in these white frames!

how cute is this ornament!?!?

I wanted a cute little stand for my perfume! 
I actually spray painted it teal this afternoon! Love!

the drawer doesn't have a ton of space, so I just store my backup makeup items and wipes in it.

love how the drawer is teal!! So cute!

Sorry for the millions of pics, but I told yall I was obsessed!! So glad it worked out and this space is getting good use now and not just as a junk closet!! :)


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