Since I took down my few pieces of Halloween decor, 
I went ahead and put up my Thanksgiving things!! Gobble, Gobble! 

I got this adorable sign in the Target Dollar spot at the beginning of fall...
love how it goes with my color scheme!! 

Merritt saw it and said "oh Momma I love your mouse slapper thing!!" 
Mouse slapper?!?!? Who knows?!? For the record, we do not have mice in our house, 
nor have I ever slapped one with a big piece of wood!!!

Since I took down the big window pane with the boy's halloween costume pics on it, 
this became the perfect spot for my new canvas!! LOVE it!!

Got this banner in the Target Dollar spot too...I am soo in love with it!! 
Looks so perfect with my rainbow of Fiestaware!

I got these Turkeys ages ago for our first Thanksgiving together!! 

I told the boys that they were Mommy and Daddy (since there is a boy and a girl) he said, 
"you used to be a turkey?!?!" bless his heart!! haha!

And as I am posting this, I just remembered that I forgot to put out my new turkey that Momma made for my Poo, that I got when she moved to her assisted living facility. Now I just have to find it downstairs, stay tuned!!


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