Thanksgiving Fun!!

On Wednesday night we headed to our Thanksgiving church service! 

On Thanksgiving morning I made Baked Pumpkin Cream Cheese French Toast (recipe
and we watched the parade!! Love this tradition! :)

We headed to the Farmer's family Thanksgiving for lunch at our Church! 
Sooo much yummy food!!
Merritt and his cousin Toby! These two are so cute :)

Our best attempt at a family pic...real life! ha!

The boys LOVE to ride the elevator at Church!! 

And to end up the night, Merritt and I went to Walmart for some black friday shopping!! We waited until about 8:00pm to go, and there was hardly anybody there, and still tons of the stuff I was going for!! Score!! Before we left, I uploaded some fun Christmas games to my phone so Merritt could stay entertained and not watch what I was putting in the buggy!! So I even grabbed some gifts for him that he never saw!! Woohooo!!
Sometime this week, Merritt decided he wanted to get McCoy a gift for Christmas, so I told him we would look when we went on our shopping trip! He spotted the Eric Carle electronic book reader thing and had to get it for McCoy!! Coy LOVES Eric Carle, this really was a perfect gift for him, so we grabbed it! Then he saw the Nick Jr. one and asked if McCoy could get it for him, since it had all his faves!! hahaha!! I said we would see and managed to get it in the buggy without him least I think I did!! They were $14, it comes with the reader and 8 hard back books, so I guess it's a good deal! I also grabbed them these cozy Finding Dory jammies for $4.75!!

This was another sneaky find!! Merr really likes Pete the Cat! We get them from the Library and they read them at school, but we don't have any of our own yet (although I do have some stashed away for his birthday!!) So when I saw the Pete The Cat Story Collection, I snatched it up!! Then I saw the Pixar one and knew Coy would love it!! Perfect!! We have a few of this kind of book (all Disney ones) and both boys love to pick stories out of them for bedtime!! I will probably wrap these and put them under the tree! They were $6!!

Something for me (or maybe the kid in me!!) I just couldn't resist this huge adult coloring book of Disney Princesses! This will go in my stocking and I plan to bring it, along with my color pencils, on the road trip to Mississippi at Christmas..hopefully it will help pass the time!!

Undies and socks! These were all $3 a pack! Great deal!! 
Have yall seen how much little boy underwear costs?!? It's crazy!! 
And we lose socks around here like it's our job, so I grabbed some for both boys!

$1.96 dvds!! I stock up on these every year and then have some fun movies to pull out on a rainy day or for a road trip! Some are for when they get older, but I couldn't pass them up for the price!!

I got a few other things, but they are gifts, so I wont share those!! :)

Forgot to take a pick in the store, so after we got home and and in our jammies, I had to snap a shot!! He was so excited to go with me again this year! Before we left the The Farmer asked him if he was going with me and he said "yeah, I gotta push the people out of Momma's way!!" Bahahaha!! That's my boy!! :)

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