10 on 10!!

10 pictures from the 10th of the month!!

I woke up with a full head and runny nose...thankfully one dose of this made me feel much better!! I have been taking Zicam like candy because I REFUSE to get that cough again this year!!

We had a MOPS meeting this morning! It was all about cooking/preparing meat..the butchers from the local grocery store came and did a great presentation, then we exchanged some favorite recipes!

The Farmer had a meeting over lunch, so I stopped and got the boys Happy Meals 
and me a grilled chicken sandwich!!

They were very excited about the surprise!! 
And for the record, I was not going to match them today, 
but McCoy had to have a "helmet shirt" on too, 
just like his "brover" or "Merm" (pronounced Mare-m...as he calls him now!)

I got the cutest flamingo in the mail!! It's to go in my new makeup/vanity closet!! 
Can't wait to share it with yall very soon!!

Merritt has a little cough and a raspy voice, so I gave him some medicine when he got home from school. I have never seen kids take medicine the way my boys do...they LOVE it..McCoy started crying promptly after this because he didn't get to take any! They certainly did not get this from me! I would fight it like a bear..I hated medicine and still do! I'm fine with pills (well, now I am, I couldn't swallow them until I was a senior in high school!), but don't even think about telling me I have to take a liquid medicine...I will cut your face!! hahaha!!

Got the trim in for my Christmas tree skirt (and a few other projects!) soo cute!!! 
Now I really have to get sewing!!

Getting the crockpot ready for supper, Lazy Crockpot Lasagna (recipe here).

Love having a pumpkin spice cappuccino once in a while! 
My favorite fall afternoon treat!!

Supper! Yall, it was SOOO good and SOOO easy! 
Will be making the monthly rotation for sure!!

Happy 10th! :)


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