Trick or Treating!!

We headed out on Friday night for some trick or treating! We went to the local businesses and a fun trunk or treat! The boys got loads of candy and had a great time! 

Afterwords, we headed to Grandma's and Great Grandma's to show off their costumes...we had planed to make a few more stops, but The Farmer was in the field and my Knight and Dragon had gotten a little, how shall I say this...CRAZY!!! So we ran to Subway to get supper and then straight to bed!! :)

The next day we met up with our friends and did some more trick or treating at Target!! Safe to say we are good on candy for awhile!

Then, on Monday night we headed back to Grandma's to hand out candy! This is Merritt's favorite thing to do and he was so bummed that there were no trick or treaters on Friday night. They had tons of fun greeting all the kids and giving out candy!

Hope yall had a very fun Halloween too!! :)

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