What's Up Wednesday!

What we are eating this week? Crockpot Spaghetti (recipe), Hamburgers, Chicken Tortilla Soup, BBQ Beef Sandwiches, and BBQ nachos!!

What we've been up to? All things fall!! Going on hayrides, playing in corn pits, picking pumpkins, riding in the chopper, an of course enjoying all things pumpkin spice!!

What I'm reminiscing about? Haven't had time to do much reminiscing lately!! 

What I'm loving?

-Belvita Pumpkin Spice! This is the first year that I have tried these and they are SOO good and super easy to grab on crazy mornings!
- Our Pumpkin Patch!! It is soo fun to be growing our own pumpkins!! I counted around 19 growing and we have already picked 7!! Soo fun!! 
-Loving this Sephora Color Last Lipstick in 03 Vintage Pink - it’s a really pretty brownish light pink - metallic! (link)
-Another fave again this fall is the Marshmallow Pumpkin Latte Body Wash from Bath and Body works...smells so amazing!

What I'm Dreading? As usual, packing!! We are heading to Mississippi next week and I have so much to do before then!!

What I'm excited about? Mississippi!! We are going to watch my nephew's last homecoming football game!! Can't believe he is a senior!! 
wasn't he just this little..oh wait that was NINE years ago!!! CRAZY!!

What I'm watching/reading? finishing up House of Cards and Hell on Wheels on Netflix. Excited for new fall shows! I think we are going to watch This is Us and American Housewife, along with our old standbys..Modern Family, The Middle, and Scandal! Also squeezing in old episodes of Designing Women whenever I can (Momma and Daddy got me the first season on dvd for my b-day!!) Probably one of my favorite shows of all time...LOVE their accents and the 80's fashion!! :) The rest of the seasons are for sure making it on my Christmas list!! 

What I'm listening to? Don't judge...Michael Buble's Christmas album!! Love it and so do the boys!!! I know it's still September, but I just can't make myself wait!

What I'm Wearing? I thought I had more pics to share, but could only find four!! Opps!
Loving this kimono style fringe top from Target, also really loving this forest green cardigan from Old Navy (online here) so cozy! I paired it with a rust shirt I got from J Crew a million years ago, also with a cute floral top I found on Zulily, and another floral I got at Target!!! 

What I'm Doing this weekend? Taking the boys on a Pumpkin Train ride!! Soo excited! 
The last time we went, Merritt was two and McCoy was just a few months old, so he stayed home with Grandma! Can't wait to take them both this year! 

What I'm looking forward to next month? More Fall fun!! Halloween, Trick-or-Treating, Zoo Boo, Pumpkinland...And so many crafts and treat making!! Also can't wait for you to see their costumes this year, so cute! 

What else is new? Just settling into our fall routine! Preschool, Kindermusik, MOPS, Sunday School, Story Time, and 4-H!! Getting up at 6:45 everyday is rough, but I get so much more done!! 

Question of the Month: What is your favorite Fall recipe?
It's hard to pick a fave, but this is for sure the easiest!! Pumpkin Bread! It's just a spice cake mix and a can of pumpkin!! That's it! I usually add cream cheese frosting too! Yummo! :)


Candy Corn M&M Blondie

We made some yummy Candy Corn M&M Blondies to serve at "Merritt's Party!" Here is the recipe we used! Super simple and very yummy!

I was so excited when he chose to stay in and help me cook, instead of going to chop with The Farmer! Be still my heart!! Of course as soon as we were done, he wasted no time scampering outside to take his spot in the field!! 

Fall Gathering!

We had lots of fall fun on the farm yesterday! The Farmer's fam came over for lunch and a hayride! Merritt has been wanting to have everybody over since McCoy's b-day and he thought having a hayride would be perfect..of course this fun lovin Momma quickly agreed!! hehe! He kept calling it "his party" I finally broke down and told him there wouldn't be presents...but there would be candy...he decided that was a good compromise!! We filled our little pool up with straw and hid candy in it for all the kids to find!! Such a fun day!

Of course I pulled out all my fall colored Fiestaware!!

Yellow, Scarlet, Tangerine, Marigold, and Scarlet :)

made the cheeseball into a pumpkin!! Cute!

We also had burgers, corn, calico beans, fruit, chips and dessert!! 
I made Candy Corn M&M Blondies and Pumpkin cake (recipe)!!

We even saddled up Jake for a few quick loops around the yard!!

I think this will have to become a new fall tradition!!