First Days!

We have been having quite a few days of firsts over here!! 

Yesterday was Merritt's first day back to Sunday School. He was very excited to start back and The Farmer and I were excited to start teaching the 6th graders at our church too! We have 10 kids, and found out quickly how lively they are! Should be a fun year!! :)

 After church we had a lazy day, watching halloween movies and munching on some fall snacks!!

popcorn with reeses!!

I actually remembered my crockpot meal, 
so we enjoyed yummy meatball sub sandwiches for supper!

 Then we whipped up a couple of batches of fall themed Monster Cookie Bars!!

One for the harvest crew and one for us!! Yummo!!

This morning McCoy had his first day back to Kindermusik!! He was VERY excited and did a great job! He really loves that cousin Lydia is in his class again! What fun!


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