Merritt 6 Month Portraits!!


Home Sweet Home!!

Merritt and I had such a good time during our Southern Vaycay!! We mostly stayed in MS, but also went to the beach too!! Some of my extended fam got to meet him and a few college friends too! It was so fun to catch up with everybody and we are already planning another trip back this fall!! Here are a few pics of all the fun!

Daddy with all the grands!
We finally got to meet my sweet nephew Rex! They are 8 weeks apart!

Loving the beach!

And the Pool!!


Wasn't a huge fan of the salt water  :)

Summer Lovin!!

Up close and personal at August Ann's Horse Show!

Champion Pony Mare!! Soo proud!!

Loving on her cousin!!

Meeting my Grandma (Poo) for the first time!!

Daddy, Poo, and Little Wylie!!

Got to meet Uncle Den, ready to play with all his toys! He got to meet his Aunt Betty too, but I forgot to take a pic!!!
Riding Jake...I'm sure next year he will be telling Grandaddy that he can ride by himself!!

Tracey's Wedding!

A little late, but here are a few pics from Tracey's wedding! We had such a great time in Kimball, SD! She was a beautiful bride and the Lodge venue was amazing. I was her personal attendant so Merritt hung out with A-Dub and The Farmer most of the day. We had to put him to bed at the reception and he just slept right through the little party animal :)  Congrats Tracey and Cliffy!!
Rehearsal Dinner!
Hugs from the Bride!

Time for bed already!?!?

Sleepy head :)


Merritt 5 Months!

Yes! I am aware he will be 6 months on Saturday, but I forgot to post about his 5th month :)

Since we had to go to the doc for his cold/ear infection I know he weighed 18.2 pounds! Not sure about height though. He was starting to sit up by himself and by 5 and a half months he was a full blown "sitter!!" He is quite the traveler having gone to Wall, SD, Deadwood, SD, Cody, WY, Yellowstone, and the Tetons! He did so great the whole trip and my family had so much fun spending time with him. We switched him over to a convertible car seat (cow print, what else!?!) around 4 and a half months because I could no longer carry him in the infant seat! He still loves the bath and going for stroller rides. He sleeps from around 9:00pm to 7:00am. He started eating solid foods and has a veggie for lunch and cereal before far he likes everything! He is just dabbling in the world of high chairs and still prefers his Bumbo to sit in while eating. He is also sitting up better in buggys while shopping, so now Mommy can put more stuff in the cart :) Not sure if I have mentioned this in previous posts but since around one month old he has been standing (with our help of course) but he much prefers standing to sitting in your lap. I guess it was reflex at first but he just never stopped and is soo strong! He has now moved into jumping in your lap...probably from too much time spent in his jumparoo, which he adores! He still takes some naps in his swing but is spending more time on his play mat these days. He loves to roll back and forth and has become very good at it! He also now prefers to sleep on his back or side..which scared me at first, but after a few sleepless night for me, I got over it  ;)  His favorite toys continue to be Lovey (horse with blanket attached), Wubby (longhorn with paci attached), a little piece of cowboy fabric that crinkles and has ribbons on it (we haven't named this), teething ring with rubbery beads on it, and anything he can get in his mouth and chew! He still just has two teeth (bottom front) but contrary to the drool and chewing, I don't see anymore coming in! He enjoys watching and giggling at Dasher and falling asleep everytime he gets in the car. We just love our little man more and more every day and are having so much fun watching him grow up!! :)


Westward Adventure!!

As promised, here are the pics from the trip out west!! We went to the Badlands, Yellowstone, the Tetons and lots of other fun spots!!!


Home sweet home :)

We made it home to Mississippi safe and sound!! Merritt did so great, he just slept the whole flight. He is such a good little traveler! I have been uploading videos on YouTube (search beefhayleymoss) so feel free to check them out :) We had his first pony ride last night and just had to get a pic! I will post some pics from the trip out west when I can! We had soo much fun!! August Ann stayed with us after everybody left, so I would have someone to help me in the airport! My friend Tracey got married in South Dakota, so she got to come help us with that too! Don't know what I'm going to do without her! I'll post some pics of the wedding soon too!! Headed to help her work with the ponies, horse show on Saturday!!! :)