Rose is 2!! ..and baby bumps!! - Hull, IA Photography

Pearls and a can you go wrong??? Soo cute!! Love this little girl and her fashion sense! :) We also had a chance to snap some photos of Cora's baby bump...isn't it precious? I secretly hate skinny girls that get pregnant and stay cute and skinny, but she happens to be one of my I'll let it slide! hahahaha!! :) Enjoy some of my faves!


More Fun Stuff!!

As if the Peep news wasn't exciting enough...we got a new car today!! Well I guess technically it's an SUV, but isn't it cute!??!?!?! And just in time for vaycay!!! If you can't tell from this phone pic below, it's a silver Tahoe....

Ok, I promise that's all the news for awhile :)


Peep 12 Weeks!

Below is from our 12 week scan! It was bouncing like crazy and waving at us! Soo fun! I would show you the 9 week scan but honestly it just looked like a blob!! :)

And for those of you who are wondering....we will be finding out what it is, and telling! :)


I forgot to show yall....

what else the Easter Bunny brought us!!!

Yep, I'm preggo! And yes, I did stage a photo shoot with the EPT!! haha!! Would you expect any less?!?!?! We decided to call it Peep, in honor of us finding out Easter morning!

I am due New Years Eve!! We are beyond excited and can't wait for it to get here!

Peep has already been to Yellowstone, Mississippi, and later this week it can add Glacier National Park to the list! What a lucky babe! :)

Hopefully I will feel good with all the travel to and from Montana! Stay tuned! :)


The D Family! - Hull, IA Photography

These cute kids were natural models!! I had such a hard time choosing my favorites! They just loved their new baby brother and couldn't wait to hold him...soo sweet!! :)


August Ann's First Horse Show!!

Finally! Pics from the horse show!! She got Reserve in Pony Mares and Champion in Pony Geldings! We are SOO proud of her. She made it to the State Horse Show, which is this Friday!! Can't wait to get the full report on how she does! Soo exciting!! Wish I could go back home to see the state show, but The Farmer and I are leaving on Wednesday for our summer vaycay to Montana!! Can't wait! Enjoy the pics of A-Dub and her ponies!! :)


Trip Home to Mississippi!

I had such a fabulous time while I was home for a week! I was working while I was there, so I didn't get to "play" as much as usual but still managed to see a few besties and do some fun things with my family!

I decided August Ann needed her first mani/pedi, so for her early b-day gift I took her to the salon and to see Judy Moody! She loved the pedicure and promises to grow her nails out long enough to get a fun design on them when they come to visit me over Labor Day! I got the shellac done on my nails and am in love! It's a little more pricey, but really lasts! I just got a neutral light pink and A-dub kept asking when the color was going to show up..hehe! Here are some pics....

We all went down to New Orleans on Sunday to see my brother and sister-in-law. We went to fun seafood place right off Bourbon Street for lunch...soo yummy! Then we went to the Aquarium of The Americas!


A-dub loved the Penguins!

They had the neat/scary parakeet exhibit!

petting the sting rays!

White Alligators!

Cute little Clown Fish!!

Soo much fun catching up with the whole fam! Next post is August Ann's first horse show recap! She did sooo good! Soo glad I had the chance to go home and see her. I was supposed to be able to see Cade play baseball too, but the game got rained out! We were both bummed, but I'm so proud he made the All-Star team! Don't I have such a talented niece and nephew!?!? :)


Daddy/Daughter Vaycay!!

We had such a great time on our trip and saw tons on stuff!!! We started off with a fun night in Deadwood, SD! The next day we headed to Cody, WY our first stop was Old Trail Town...we have been dying to go here since we found out the original Wild Bunch cabin was moved from the Hole in The Wall to this site! (This is the post from the Hole in The Wall

Old Trail Town!

Lots of old buildings and relics!!

Daddy at the Cabin!

Me at the cabin!

After touring Old Trail Town, we headed to Downtown Cody and did a little shopping, then had a super yummy supper!

The next morning we woke up and made our way to Yellowstone! We were planning to go through the east entrance but due to an avalanche, that route was closed! So we headed north to Cooke City and the north east entrance that was luckily still open!!

We saw this cute little black bear!

baby bison!

yellow bellied marmot

another big black bear!

big horn sheep!


The next morning we woke up to SNOW! and lots of it! We headed back into the park, but didn't make it very far until we realized there was another avalanche that now blocked the way down to Jackson Hole which was to be our next stop. We decided to change plans and head out of the park and see some other sights in Wyoming!

First up was Sacajawea's grave...very neat to see! Then we went to the Wind River Indian Reservation trading post and found lots of goodies!!

Then we went to Hell's Half Acre...


Then we went to Fort Fetterman, they had a neat Museum..very fun!

Then we went to Wounded Knee and Pine Ridge Indian Reservation where Chief Red Cloud is buried.

Daddy at Red Clouds grave....

After this stop we headed home to Iowa, where the Farmer had steaks and shrimp waiting for us! Yummo!

We had such a fantastic time and as usual I am already planning the next Daddy/Daughter vaycay!!