Trip Home to Mississippi!

I had such a fabulous time while I was home for a week! I was working while I was there, so I didn't get to "play" as much as usual but still managed to see a few besties and do some fun things with my family!

I decided August Ann needed her first mani/pedi, so for her early b-day gift I took her to the salon and to see Judy Moody! She loved the pedicure and promises to grow her nails out long enough to get a fun design on them when they come to visit me over Labor Day! I got the shellac done on my nails and am in love! It's a little more pricey, but really lasts! I just got a neutral light pink and A-dub kept asking when the color was going to show up..hehe! Here are some pics....

We all went down to New Orleans on Sunday to see my brother and sister-in-law. We went to fun seafood place right off Bourbon Street for lunch...soo yummy! Then we went to the Aquarium of The Americas!


A-dub loved the Penguins!

They had the neat/scary parakeet exhibit!

petting the sting rays!

White Alligators!

Cute little Clown Fish!!

Soo much fun catching up with the whole fam! Next post is August Ann's first horse show recap! She did sooo good! Soo glad I had the chance to go home and see her. I was supposed to be able to see Cade play baseball too, but the game got rained out! We were both bummed, but I'm so proud he made the All-Star team! Don't I have such a talented niece and nephew!?!? :)


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  1. ADub is sooooo your Mini-Me! Those two sets of toes and fingers are identical, HM! Love it!
    -LL :)