This and That!!

Soo I have waited long enough for the Branson update! My sis still hasn't sent me the pics I want (2nd warning!! haha) but oh well!! Here is the one we took while at Silver Dollar City! No, we aren't one of those families who dress all in the same color to keep track of each other, it was St. Patricks day and we didn't want to get pinched!!! I loved Silver Dollar City, so much to see and do!! On Friday, the kids and my sis and bro in law went back to SDC and my Momma and I went shopping!! There are a TON of outlets and antique/crafty shops in Branson..loved it!!! We had a ball! On Saturday we went to the Dixie Stampede...i think this may have been my favorite part! It was soo fun and the food was yummy! We rooted for the South (duh!) and the South won!! YEA!! Afterwards we played Adventure Island mini golf!! This was fun too and I didn't even loose my ball in the water :) On Sunday, we got up had a scrumptious breakfast and then all headed back home. Can't wait to go again!!

On Wednesday, the Farmer and I got a new niece! The Farmer's brother and his wife had a baby girl, Macy. She is soo tiny and cute! Here are some pics from when we went to meet her!

And I just have to tell yall about my latest fun find!! 2 new Dr. Seuss books! I scored "If I Ran The Zoo" and "The Lorax" for $4.95 a piece!! YEA!!

This is a great buy for the bigger Dr. Seuss books! You never know what you are gonna find at the pharmacy in our town!! :) Now my collection is up to 17 books...woohoo!

Pig promised :)

I know I still owe yall a Branson update but I'm waiting on my sis to send me some pics :) We did have a FABULOUS time though!!!

Sooo this afternoon I texted the Farmer and asked him to come pick me up so I could see the new pigs! He just happened to be headed to the hardware store, so he swung by and got me!

There was a little runt, so he grabbed him and brought him out to play! I named him Wilbur..soo cliché but it's all I could think of on such short notice!! The Farmer put him the back of the pick up (p.s. I call the pick up Shadow!! I don't really know why, but it makes me smile!) to run around, then he held him so I could get a close up, after that is was my turn to hold him for a bit! He pooped and tinkled on me and I only had a mini freak out...this must prove I adore piggies!! I figured this meant he loved me since he was comfortable enough to "let loose!" haha!! Why are there no pics of me holding it?? Well there are but I looked WRETCHED and am not willing to put them on the Internet! HA!

Next we had to go to the shop so the Farmer could fix some piece to a gate! He pulled me up a seat, so I knew it was gonna take awhile! Thank goodness I had my camera to entertain me! I thought these sparks were fun :)

The chop saw.....

And welding! I'm not sure this was safe, but he said as long as I was looking through my camera I would be far, so good!! :)

And I just couldn't resist snapping this shot of the pups! Luke the Farm Dog is on the left and our Dasher Dog is on the right...aren't they cute?!?!
Next "we" fixed the gate with the piece he was working on, then "we" pushed feed up for the cattle, then "we" plugged the tractors in because it's getting cold (yes, it is March but in Iowa it's still cold and better known as MUD than March!!!) After everything was finished up, we headed to town and got popcorn (my love!) and Diet Dr. Pepper (my other love!). I am just getting to be a regular little farmer! :)


Cute Little Carter - Hull, IA Photography

This little cutie stayed awake his whole session! He was just too curious about what was going on...soo sweet! Enjoy some of my faves...


Branson Day 1 - Silver Dollar City!!

We had such a great time today, but I am EXHAUSTED!!!!!!!! Soo you are just getting pics! Enjoy :)

Tomorrow is shopping ALL day with Momma!! YEA!!! :)

Brayden is 3 - Hull, IA Photography

How cute is little Brayden?!?! We had such a good time together talking about all the Toy Story Characters!! Enjoy some of my faves form his session :)


Chores with the Farmer!!!

Sooo yesterday I decided to go out and do chores with the Farmer! I haven't been out to the farm in a while, so I thought I should check on things :) Plus I was super bored! hehe!! Soo I got all suited up (sweatshirt, hot pink pants, and polka dot rubber boots!) AND got the Farmer to promise an ice cream treat when we were done! Yea!

I decided to bring my camera along so I wouldn't have to get dirty or do anything too strenuous...that worked pretty well until he needed help getting a sick steer in. He handed me a sorting stick pointed out which one he needed and told me to just walk around behind them. Thank goodness for Luke the cowdog because I almost fell 3 times trying to accomplish this feat!! Luke brought them all around and of course I took all the credit!! hehe!!

After he doctored the steer, we stopped for a quick snap shot then headed over to check the other pens!!

But first I had to get some pics of my princess dog, Dashie!! She has a huge tongue, bless her heart!!

Then the Farmer decided to show me their skills! Except Dashie would rather love all up on him than follow directions!

Good job Dashie and Luke!! Even thought this lasted just long enough for me to get the shot! :)

These gals are ready to be sold! Soo fat and pretty...well, fat and muddy!! :)

Another pen...don't you just love how they are all staring at me?!?! :)
Then we got in the tractor and picked up some bales with the bale shredder and bedded cattle, this was fun!! Dashie got super jealous that I was in the tractor and she couldn't get in...hehe!! After that we checked the hog barn (I didn't go in because they are big and gross, but they will be getting littler ones in again soon, then I will take pics!) Then we went to see the baby lambs!! They are just too cute!!
I had to use flash because it was soo dark, which explains the alien eyes!! I hate flash!!

After a hard days (hour) work we went to get ice cream at Culvers (mint oreo in honor of St. Pats!!) Such a fun afternoon with the Farmer!! I leave on Wednesday to go to Branson to meet my fam for 4 days!! YEA!!! Sooo excited!! Lots to do before then!! Better get to it :)



I admit it..I am a control freak when it come to things being the way I think they should be! I have to have the pillows on the couch just right or it drives me insane! This picture (from Christmas) displays how I need the pillows to be...

It bugs me so much we rarely ever even use the couch...crazy, I'm aware!! Anyway, last night I was sitting in the Farmer's chair when he got home from chores and since he hates my chair and didn't feel like making me get out of his chair, he moved all the pillows and sat on the couch. I freaked out just a bit and said make sure you put the pillows back, so when i woke up this morning this is what I found...
Ughhhhh!!! It's like one of those "find the difference picture games!!" Ohh well at least he tried!! But come on, even the pillow with the cowboys is upside down! Bless his heart! haha!! (Oh and excuse the wretched camera phone pic!)