Soo last night as I was cleaning up supper, I remembered that I haven't shared my latest favorite product with yall....and when I say cleaning up supper, I don't mean doing the dishes, I mean cleaning up the homemade pizza out of the bottom of the oven/floor!! EPIC FAIL!!! I spent all this time preparing a yummy homemade pizza only to have it slip off the pan as I was taking it out of the oven... epic.fail. then cue the smoke alarm! Worst night ever! At least we had leftover Jambalya to eat! Sooo even though I didn't use this product to clean up my massive mess, it did make me think of it!! The Magic Eraser!!
I'm sure yall have all been using it for ages (apparently all my gal pals had been, but failed to clue me in!) but I just picked up some the other day at Sams Club after my friend Tracey raved about it! It is amazingness at it's best!! I have been trying for forever to get my white counter tops and appliances clean to no avail..but this little baby does the trick!! I rarely get excited about cleaning products or anything white and boring for that matter, but this is the exception to the rule!! You have to try it! I also feel the need to tell you this is not a paid advertisement (as if!?!?!) soo trust me and give it a whirl :)

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  1. I knew you would love them!! :) TO