Farm John Deer Birthday Party!

Whew! We made it! I was so worried about the weather, the decorations, the name it I was worried about it! But everything turned out perfectly! It was a little chilly/windy, but not too bad! I just loved how the tractor theme turned out! Soo fun!

The kids (especially Merritt!) had a blast! McCoy loved looking at his presents, but that's about it! I unintentionally made his one year check up for yesterday, the day before his big party (rookie mistake!) and I think his shots just had him in a crabby mood! He liked his smash cake for a little bit, but then he was OVER it and ready for bed! 

Thanks so much to everybody for helping make his day so GREAT and for the sweet gifts!! Merritt was more than ready to open them all up tonight, but we held him off, at least until McCoy is feeling himself again and is ready to play!! :) Enjoy the pics!

I was too scared to stand the pics up because of the wind! Still looked cute though!

loved the cake!

high chair turned out soo cute!

corn box!! huge hit!

present time!!


Merr and Claire!

having his birthday supper!

He had such a great time, kinda sad he will never be able to have a fun outside party! Maybe we will have to celebrate a half birthday next year!!

sneaking a bite!!

smash cake time!

over it!!

I was such a mess, time just got away from me and everything got crazy including my hair! Ha! And of course at the last minute I decided to wear something more comfy instead of  the outfit I had planned! Oh well!! At least I had make up on! :)

Birthday Boy!!

All his super cool gifts...I might be almost excited as Merritt to check them all out!! :)