Crafty Day!

 Merritt had to complete his memory book for Kindermusik, to bring to his celebration on Wednesday, and leave it to this Mommy to not fully read the instructions until the last minute!! Whoops! I needed lots of musical stickers and of course, out of the three billion I have from my scrapbooking days, the only ones I found that would even halfway work were leftover from some New Orleans sticker sheets! Thank goodness, Grandma and Aunt JoElyn came to our rescue with tons of perfectly themed stickers! Now his book is perfect! He had tons of fun putting the stickers exactly were I told him...and exactly where I told him not to! ha! Here are a few of the pages!

I also worked on a fun package for one of my favorite people ('s a secret! haha!)..I have seen this idea on Pinterest forever and have been dying to try it out! So fun! 

And I got my May calendar done! Notice what is on the agenda for tomorrow!! Shopping day! Woohoo!

Happy May, yall! :)


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