Busy Bee!

I have had a super productive Saturday so far! I got some things done for Coy's party, embroidered the boys backpacks, and got a small garden planted!! Go me!

This was last night, but too cute to not share! 

Update: He LOVES the file folder games!


I did my first printing on burlap project! It turned out fab! Here is the link to the instructions I used! link

Used it to make the garland for McCoy's high chair at his party!! In LOVE!!! It's soo precious!!

Merritt's backpack...we are gonna use these on the road trips and while we are in MS!

McCoy's! No more diaper bag for this babe! Having backpacks for both of them will be so much easier, especially while traveling!

Tomatoes (some heirloom, I will do a post with all the varieties if they live! ha!) and Peppers!! Soo excited! I have wanted a garden, like a huge garden, for awhile, but I just never get around to it! 

This is just a baby garden, but I have made The Farmer promise that next year, he will make me a really big one so I can plant squash, zucchini, cucumbers, onions, strawberries...I want it all!! hehe!! I really want to learn to can also!! I have been saying that awhile too! ha! One day I'll get it all done! :)

We are off to a couple of graduation parties tonight, then another one tomorrow in South Dakota! We are gonna hit the children's museum while there, so Merritt is super excited!! Pics to come :)

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