Summer Reading!!

We loaded up and went to the library this morning to sign Merritt up for the Summer Reading program! I'm a little ashamed to say we have never been to the library in our town! All his activities are at the library in our neighboring town, so we just kind of forget about going to the one here! And even though we go to the other library quite a bit, we have never even checked out any books!! 

But today, we officially signed up for our library card and even got some books!! We came home, put McCoy down for his nap, and promptly read all four of them! Of course, Merritt wants to go back right away!! haha!!

Now we have four spots filled in on his Summer Reading bingo sheet! We are going to try to finish it up before we leave for Mississippi next Friday, so he can collect all his prizes, since it will be over by the time we get back to Iowa in July. Luckily, Aunt JoElyn is in charge of the Summer Reading program, so maybe she will let it slide if we just text her a pic of our bingo sheet, if we don't finish in time! Hehe! 

Merritt is so excited about it! His Preschool will be right across the road from the library, so hopefully we will remember to go there a lot more now! :)

The theme this year is Super Hero! Sad we will miss all the activities planned!

The books he picked out at his first library adventure!! :)  Super Heroes, Farming, Camping, and Big Machines! 


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