May Day!

We had such a fun May Day! Merritt's Sunday School teacher brought him a special May Day surprise!! He was soo excited that she was at his house!! When she left, he said "Dat my friend!" So cute!

Frisbee, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, a little Lion cub, and candy! What a fun May Day surprise!

He missed the last day because he wasn't feeling good (he doesn't know he missed the last day, so I'm sure this Sunday at Church a meltdown will occur!) Anyway, she brought him a little cow and all the pictures from the year! Soo fun!!

Soo glad he gets the same teachers next year!!  They are planning a little party to get together this summer too! :)

Tonight we had Chicken Rotel Spaghetti (I use this recipe- link) it's soo yummy! I figured McCoy would like it, since his fave is cheese, so we tried to feed it too him with a spoon. He would just grab it off the spoon and shove it in his mouth! Huge mess, but he loved it!

After supper (and McCoy's bath!), we headed to get flowers for my pots and planters! I wish I wouldn't have left my phone in the car, so I could have gotten pics/video of Merritt! This kid had the best time, he would have stayed there all night! He loved the green houses and thought the mini windmills were amazing! Soo cute!

I did manage to get a few pics of him with the gorgeous goods, before The Farmer loaded them in the car!

Then he got ice cream for all his hard work picking out flowers!

This is the one he picked out for my Mother's Day present! He thought the watering cans were soo cool! He kept saying "Ohhh look Mommy!!" Of course I had to steer him towards the yellow color since I knew it would look soo fab on my table! My table that obviously needs to be cleaned! We are going to do that and plant the others in the morning, while McCoy is napping, as always stay tuned !:)

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