Shopping Day!

 So shopping alone yesterday was glorious! I spent way too much time in Sams Club, finally got the boys new sand and a pool from Toys R Us, picked up some more organizing stuff from the Dollar Tree, leisurely perused Target, and even got to wear another one of my new tanks! :)

I found the cutest little dino bone sand mold sets at the Dollar Tree! Merritt is obsessed! They are pretty cool! And it was the perfect activity for this rainy day! I think each color was a different dinosaur, but I just picked up this blue stegosaurus. They are a great size for his little kinetic sand box! 

The Farmer regularly reminds me that I was the mom that said we wouldn't have dinosaurs (I prefer farm/cowboy toys!) in our house! Haha! Amazing what a three year old boy's smile will make you do! :)

yep, there it is..that smile though :)

It really is cool! You have to put all the pieces together in the right spot to make the dino skeleton!

Tada! ..I had to help him redo the head and tail, but not bad for his first try!

Also grabbed these on a whim at Sams...ya'll, they are amazing!! I have no idea what Himalayan pink salt is, but it is YUM!

We had these Bacon Cheeseburger Bombs for supper tonight. Not sure if I have shared this recipe with yall (link) but it is soo great! I tried it for the first time last summer and have made it a couple of times since! Merritt helped me make them tonight and declared they were "taco presents!" He calls any ground beef meal taco! :)

McCoy loved them, but he loves anything we put on his plate!

Merr was the real challenge and he gobbled it up! Success! A very nice change of pace from the usual supper time standoff !! Guess these will have to be on the menu more often :)

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