Road Trip Ready!!

I decided to put together some road trip goody bags today, like I don't have a thousand other things to be doing!! 

I have been wanting to do this for awhile, after seeing it on Pinterest ages ago, and I finally got it done! I will give Merritt a bag every so often/every big city on the road trip home to Mississippi!! 

He is gonna be soo excited! He really is such a super traveler, I don't need to do much to distract him, but I just thought this would be fun :)

All I had was orange, black, and one pink bag! Good thing he wont care! :)

I slapped some stickers on the bags and will staple them up...if I can ever find the stapler!

This bag has a fun movie and a bag of his fave popcorn!

This one has a light up bouncy ball, some sticker badges, a play pack, and some Pezz that I found in the cabinet!

These are the fun light up badges!

A stylus and a Leap Pad game I found on clearance for four bucks! 

This stylus was on the Walmart clearance aisle for $1! Score!! He has a hard time with the tiny one that is attached to the Leap Pad, so I figured we could give this one a whirl!

This bag has magic pen and book set! It just makes color appear on the special paper, so my little artist doesn't go crazy on the car seats! 

Some little cups with lids and straws! We LOVE these cups! They fit perfectly in his carseat cup holders, and I often put crayons, snacks, and chicken nuggets down in them for easy access while we travel! So handy! 

Eccckk!! I found this Mike The Knight on clearance at Walmart! Will give him this bag towards the end of the night, so he can have a snuggle buddy!

Water Wow! Yall these are sooo cool! His cousins gave him one for his b-day and he does it every Sunday in church!! It's always the first thing he grabs, and usually keeps him occupied most of the sermon! They are amazing! Thought this would be great for traveling, since it's just water! :) Then I can throw it in his backpack, so he will have something to keep him occupied while waiting at restaurants!

Getting so excited for our big trip!! 

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