Wizard of Oz Scavenger Hunt!

I love a good scavenger hunt, so I thought it would be fun to incorporate one into McCoy's second birthday party! I picked different places on the farm where the clues/prizes would go and went from there. I had some storage baskets on hand, so I decided to put each clue/prize in one, to make everything more organized and easier to transport to their hiding spots!

They will start with these little brown bags- Toto's baskets! 
It will hold all the prizes they find on the hunt!

This first clue will get them started!

Over The Rainbow- Rainbow Skittles for the prize! 

Glinda- Bubbles (Glinda's mode of transportation!) for the prize 
(the girl's also get Glinda's magic wand!)

Munchkin Land- Big Lollipops from the Lollipop Guild for the prize!

Ruby Red Slippers- Rubies (Ring Pops) for the prize!

Yellow Brick Road- Yellow Bricks (Starbursts) for the prize!

Scarecrow- Corn (Candy Corn) for the prize!! 
Shout out to my Momma, who found Candy Corn in May! hehe :)

TinMan- Apples (apple flavored Fun Dip) and Axes (for the boys) for the prize!

Cowardly Lion- Lions, Tigers, and Bears (Animal Crackers) for the prize!

Wicked Witch- Water to melt the witch (Water Guns) for the prize!

Emerald City- Green Gum for the prize!

So glad I got that all done and marked off the list, 
now what am I going to do with all these baskets until Saturday?!?! Ha!