Wizard Of Oz Birthday Party!

The party turned out soo cute!! The kids loved the scavenger hunt and McCoy loved having everybody at his house!! He was not at all interested in opening presents..unless it was a book! My little bookworm! Thanks so much to everybody for coming and for the fun gifts, he loves everything now that it's opened!! Special thanks to Grandma for all the help since The Farmer was planting most of the day!! He did make it in for the presents and to eat quick before heading back out, so he didn't have to miss out! We will have to plan better next year!

Just like the door to the Emerald City!

Poppies..Merritt says don't fall asleep in them!! :)

This was last minute, but I think it turned out so cute! 

He was not loving pictures!!

Love getting to use my Fiestaware!

Finally ready to take some pictures! Sweet boy!

Cannot believe he will be two next week!!

They always have so much fun dressing up!!

a BOOK!!!

I'll just read this while yall wait for me to open my presents!!

Thanks cousin Asher for reading to me!!

Merritt was so excited to give him the bouncy horse!!

He LOVES it :)

All his fun gifts!

The scavenger hunt!! More about that in this post (Wizard Of Oz Scavenger Hunt)


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