These Days!

First of have to try this is AMAZING!!
Biscuits and Gravy Casserole (recipe)

And how cute are these plates?!? Find them at Walmart in the summer/picnic section!

We are soo ready to go to the beach!!

These were Merritt's little overalls...why are my babies growing up so fast?!?!

 We have been having some great pony riding weather!!

 The boys have been having big fun pretending that this swing is their horses (Silver and Scout of course) and they chase after mommy has to push really fast!! ha!

Cool Dude!

Walmart has a new horse..with a real saddle! He is obsessed!!!

The boys have always wanted ice cream for dessert at Pizza Ranch (and they still do!) 
but lately they have been really into the cactus bread too!! Yum!

 Hope yall are having a great week!! :)

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