Trick or Treat!!

Finally after many books and cartoons getting us was time to trick-or-treat!! First we headed to Rock Valley to trick-or-treat on Main St.! Soo fun!! He had a blast and got lots of candy!!

lets do this!!

my sweet little Tonto! Such a trooper!

He ate lots of candy...lots!! Just call me super mom!! hahaha!!! They are only kids once, right!! :)

cotton candy!!! SCORE!!!

then we headed back to our town and to The Farmer's Momma and Grandma's to get more candy!! :)

he was really good at holding up his pumpkin to get treats!! 

all the ladies at Great Grandma's loved him :)

back at Grandma's to feed McCoy! Grandpa came in to have supper quick before relieving  The Farmer, so he could come back home for bed time!! Good thing because Merritt was SOOO wired and was not having anything to do with going to sleep!! Wonder why?!?!  ;)

Finally got him in his jammies (my feeble attempt at making bedtime a bit easier when we got home!!) He even got to hand out candy to a few trick-or-treaters while McCoy was eating...this little girl is in his Kindermusik class! Soo fun!! 

We had such a great night!! Love that his is really getting into to holidays now!! Kids are so fun!! :)

Just like Daddy!

The Farmer was numbering some ear tags this morning, and his mini-me insisted on "coloring" too!!

Please excuse my cluttered kitchen! We are crafting today!! Merritt is having a Halloween party with his Kindermusik class on Monday and we are making "happys" for his friends! Stay tuned! :)

Costumes Through The Years...

well, it's only been three years but it's still cute!! I saw something similar on pinterest where you put the pictures in a "school days" frame and add one each year, but I like hanging them like this better, at least for now! Love seeing my baby's costumes, it will be so fun to hang up and add to it every year! 

Not sure I will always hang it here, but it works for today!! :)  I am going to do one similar with their pictures with Santa! Love this idea!! 

Happy Halloween!

This little Frankenstein is ready to trick-or-treat!! Merritt is SOOO ready too! Hope we don't freeze to death! 

First Halloween!

Frankie Bootie!! Merritt says "prankentine!!"

Is it Christmas yet?!?

I mean Halloween is tomorrow...which means Saturday starts the Christmas season...right?!?! ha! I have been working on lots of fun stuff for my boys for Christmas....and I finished these adorable Christmas themed i-spy bags today! The Farmer's Momma gave Merritt a non themed one for his first Christmas and it is soo cute! Merritt loves to find all the hidden stuff..and I do too ;) I had seen a similar idea on pinterest where you fill up a plastic bottle or see-thru ornament (instead of a bag) with the Christmas items...and I HAD some little plastic snowmen that would be perfect for this project, so I gathered up all the supplies I needed (Christmas buttons/trinkets and the pellets) but when I went to find the snowmen they were no where to be found!!! I must have lost them in the move and I was so upset!! Oh well, I had some darling Christmas fabric that was just waiting for a project, so I decided to make the little bags the way they turned out! This is the tutorial I used!

I think Jolly our Elf On The Shelf will be bringing these to the boys! Can't wait for December!!

Pumpkin Muffins!!

I made these yummys this morning!! Here is the recipe  it's not quite as good as the one I did last year, but they were still delicious!! :)


Halloween S'mores!

After naps today, we decided to make these yummy Halloween S'mores! I used this recipe was super easy and super yummy!

My little helper wanted some chocolate chips in a bowl, so I told him to get a few out of the bag...I turn to look and he had dumped out the whole bag of MINI chocolate chips!! Mommy fail!! 

trying to help pick them up...I just had to laugh!

probably should have taken a pic of the floor too!! 

I couldn't find Peeps at The Walmart, but our local grocery store had these!! so cute!!

Giant Pumpkin Marshmallows! They were vanilla flavor...I don't like fruit flavored marshmallows!

Pot Holder Man! ha!

you really do have to watch these..I only left them under the broiler a few seconds!

soo good!  

First Bath Together!!

I had just been giving Coy a bath in his whale tub, on the counter in the bathroom, but tonight Merritt wanted to put him in the big tub with him! The Farmer was combining, so it was just me and the boys for supper, and since Coy eats with us now, we all had to sit at the table instead of our usual (easy!) picnics during harvest when The Farmer is gone. It was intense, to say the least!! ha!! So when Merritt asked to take a bath, I jumped at the chance to have them both confined for a bit!! :) They did great, and The Farmer came in just in time to wash them up...good thing because I still needed to clean the kitchen/dining room that was just as we had left it...a disaster!

playing with all their Halloween rubber ducks!

"he go Coy, play wif it!!!"