We met some of our friends from MOPS for a playdate today at Pumkinland! Tons of fun!! :)

he looks like such a big boy!! :)

Merritt and his little puppy, McCoy!! haha!

loved his first trip to Pumpkinland!

Mommy's favorite Pumpkins!!
 I thought I looked so cute in my green scarf, but when Merritt saw me he said, "Mommy a snowman??"  Wow, thanks a heap kiddo! "Actually Merritt, snowmen AND mommies can wear scarves!"  :)

loving the model train!! Merritt stares forever at dioramas when we go to museums, so I knew he was going to adore this..plus its a train!

they have lots of play houses/slides to enjoy!

the petting zoo was so much fun!!

too funny!

he said this was Jake's friend! :)

pumpkin patch!! We have been watching lots of Halloween cartoons and they always have pumpkin patches in them, so of course he loved this!!

pumpkin head!

the kids had soo much fun with these little wheelbarrows! I think we need one for the farm! Soo cute!

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