This and That!

Merritt started Kindermusik last night and did such a great job, I could barely believe it was my kid sitting so nicely on the blanket for the whole story and following all the rules! He is finally "getting it," after many sessions of doing whatever he wanted for the most part! Now he is answering questions and following the motions that the teacher does...he is really growing up! Makes me so proud! We are signed up for Story Time this fall too and will start that next week. MOPS has already started back but since I have been gone, Thursday will be our first day back! Can't wait to catch up with everybody after the summer break! And I know Merritt is ready to see and play with all his friends! 

Candy Corn M&Ms are back, so I got some to fill the Farmers jar up with! They looked so pretty I couldn't resist snapping a few pics!

I just LOVE this time of year and am EXTREMELY happy to not have morning sickness this time around! I don't remember much of last fall, and it's probably better that way! haha!

Life with these two boys is pretty crazy but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! :)


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