McCoy's First Rice Cereal!

Not sure how we got to the point where he needs to have more than bottles..but here we are!! He LOVED the cereal, gobbled up every bit! "My big fat baby likes to eat!" haha! I used to sing that to get Merritt (and other kids) to smile for pictures! Guess it's pretty appropriate for McCoy! :) He also has his first tooth! It started to poke through a few days ago and I think he is working on more! 

This is what Merritt got for supper! Halloween Jello Jigglers! Honestly, these things are so hard to get out of the mold! I have an Easter one too and it is so annoying! These turned out ok, and Merritt loved them anyway! :)

trying to sneak a bite!!

Here's our big boy eating his first cereal!


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