Guess Who's Rolling Over???

This little stud!!!

The boys usually wake up around 4:00 pm from their afternoon nap, so at 3:30 I decided I better get a quick shower before the little monsters awoke :)  

And can I just tell you, I half expected someone to present me with an Olympic medal when I got out! I had cleaned and vacuumed the beyond MESSY playroom AND managed to get everybody fed lunch AND down for naps...AND now a shower?!? Hello gold medal where are you!?! The struggle is real folks! 

So when I got out of the shower (and there was no medal ceremony!) I heard Coy screaming SOO crazy loud, I raced to his room and what do I find? My sweet baby had rolled over onto his tummy!! Woohoo! I was soo excited, but he was super mad! hehe! After supper, I called my Momma to tell her what he had done, and he did it again while I was on the phone with her!! Hooray for McCoy our big boy!! I will try to get it on video tomorrow...but since I also made supper AND washed dishes this evening, I will probably do absolutely nothing for the next week!! ha! ;) 

Yours Truly, 
The Harvest Widow

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