Silly Boy!!

Tonight I did a mini photo shoot with some of my 4-H girls (their Momma is a fellow leader of the club!) and they love my boys, so I knew Merritt would have tons of fun with them, and boy did he!! The child who hates to pose and smile, was jumping up in front of the camera doing just what the girls were doing and grinning ear to ear! STINKER! Little McCoy just enjoyed lots of snuggles! :)

jumping in on the girl's group photo!! 

I can pose too Mommy!!

wish he wouldn't have been dirty!! haha!

He was wearing some of Cade's (my nephew) old wranglers...adorable!

When I had finished taking the girls pics, Clarie said "Why don't you out to eat this weekend?" I looked at her quizzically and then she said "because we want to babysit!!" haha! I told her she would be the first call I made when harvest was over and I had my hubby back for a date night! :)

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