Trick or Treat!!

Finally after many books and cartoons getting us was time to trick-or-treat!! First we headed to Rock Valley to trick-or-treat on Main St.! Soo fun!! He had a blast and got lots of candy!!

lets do this!!

my sweet little Tonto! Such a trooper!

He ate lots of candy...lots!! Just call me super mom!! hahaha!!! They are only kids once, right!! :)

cotton candy!!! SCORE!!!

then we headed back to our town and to The Farmer's Momma and Grandma's to get more candy!! :)

he was really good at holding up his pumpkin to get treats!! 

all the ladies at Great Grandma's loved him :)

back at Grandma's to feed McCoy! Grandpa came in to have supper quick before relieving  The Farmer, so he could come back home for bed time!! Good thing because Merritt was SOOO wired and was not having anything to do with going to sleep!! Wonder why?!?!  ;)

Finally got him in his jammies (my feeble attempt at making bedtime a bit easier when we got home!!) He even got to hand out candy to a few trick-or-treaters while McCoy was eating...this little girl is in his Kindermusik class! Soo fun!! 

We had such a great night!! Love that his is really getting into to holidays now!! Kids are so fun!! :)


  1. Y'all's weather looked so much better than ours. It was 37 and drizzly. Ugh. James was done after 20 minutes...which is good..I don't need all that candy in the house.

  2. It was a little chilly/windy, but not too bad!! Thankfully Merritt picked out mostly suckers and gross candy, so I'm not really tempted!! haha! :)