Rainbow Update!

Target's dollar spot has the cutest back to school stuff!! Most of it is for teachers/classrooms but I found some things perfect for our playroom!!

I updated our art wall with these pretty colorful clothespins!!

Then I found these fun pom pom banners!! I have been trying to get curtains in here for ages, but could never decide on a fabric!! I thought these would be super cute to add some color and whimsy, and then I wouldn't have to make curtains!! hehe!!

I found this cute felt shape banner to hang on the smaller window, perfect!! 

Love these bright updates!! Now if I could just get the room to stay clean!! Ugghh!

What's Up Wednesday!

What we are eating this week? Leftovers!! We cooked alot while my fam was here the past few days, so now it's time to clean out the fridge!! Steak, Burritos, Roast Beef, and Chicken Bacon Ranch Sandwiches!!

What we've been up to? Showing Horses, Mutton Bustin, Going to the Zoo, Visiting with family, County Fair, Summerfest, Enjoying having August Ann here, and Celebrating birthdays!

What I'm reminiscing about? All the fun we had the past few months! It was a whirlwind, but such great memories were made!!

What I'm loving? 
My loves this month are from the garden and my makeup bag!!
-I am loving our zucchini plants!! This is my first year to grow them and they are flourishing! I have made all sorts of yummy side dishes and even some zucchini bread!! I currently have four huge ones on my counter, that I plan to grate for more bread and to freeze! So fun!
-Also from the garden is the yellow pear tomatoes! They make the most amazing addition to my eggs in the morning! Soo yummy!!
-A new find that I am really loving is this BB Cream Brush! I told yall a few months ago about the fab Burts Bees BB Cream..now I have the perfect brush for application and it's only $5.99 on Amamzon! Score! (link)
-I have been on the search for a new eyebrow pencil since the one I used for ages was no longer being produced! I lucked up on this Sephora version while I was in Mississippi and am in Love! Perfect for my barely-there red brows!! (link)

What I'm Dreading? Our fall schedule!! I love lazy summertime!!

What I'm excited about? Girls shopping trip to Minneapolis!! I am going with my Mother-in-law and two sister-in-laws for a little shopping getaway! We did this last year too, so maybe it will become an annual event! :)

What I'm watching/reading? watching Scandal, House of Cards, and the last season of The Real House Wives of Orange County on Hulu!! Reading lots of forms for four year old preschool!! Ecck! 

What I'm listening to? George Strait's Cold Beer Conversation album! I put it in the Farmer's Easter basket and we have been loving it ever since! It's soo good :)

What I'm Wearing? For the most part, I have been wearing comfy stuff to stay cool, but these three shirts have been in the rotation pretty regularly!
The chevron top is from Zulily, and the other two are from the Gap Outlet...I have been collecting a few new tops for fall, so I will share those next month!! :)

What I'm Doing this weekend? We are having a family gathering on Saturday night and that's all I really have planned except catching up on laundry and cleaning! Oh What fun!! :)

What I'm looking forward to next month? More horse shows, our anniversary, and the last few weeks of sweet summertime!!

What else is new? Hmmm...nothing really! I never seem to have anything new going on! ha! August Ann is back home now, and we are really missing her!! 
Just trying to get back into the normal swing of things and counting down the days until we head back south in October!! My nephew is a senior this year, so this will be the last time we see him play high school football! Seems like he should still be Merritt's age! Crazy!

Question of the Month:
What is your favorite part about summer? My fave is getting to spend lots of time with my fam and having no schedule!! 


McCoy's Adventure Western Wilderness Room!!!

I have been working on McCoy's big boy room ever since we got back from Mississippi and I finally got it all done!! Love the way it turned out!! 
Here is a link to his nursery, in case you want to see the before!! (link)

Adventure Wilderness Room

The bedding is from Target's Pillow Fort line...it's really nice and comfy!!

The print above the bed is called "The First Encounter." It was on the top part of an old sale barn calendar that was found in my Poo's house!! I just cut the calendar part off and framed it!! Absolutely love how it turned out!! :)

I found this tee pee fabric at Hobby Lobby and knew I had to use it for something, 
so I made him a little accent pillow! Love it!!

This red lantern is actually a light! I found it for $2 on clearance at Target!! McCoy is crazy about it and it's plastic, so he can play with it as much as he wants!! The little sign is from Hobby Lobby (most of the decor is from there, they have such cute things!!) and I love the quote!!

The antlers are from the only deer my Daddy ever killed and the two wooden art pieces are from Hobby Lobby!

I love how well these coordinate with everything!! 

The rocker was from both boy's nurserys, I just took the ottoman out, so there would be more room!

I wrangled up all of his adventure/western/wilderness books and put them up on his shelves!! 
The Be Brave pennant was from Hobby Lobby clearance!

I looked high and low for a National Parks map and fell in love with this one!! It's super cute and both boys love it! Found it on Etsy!

I think this is my favorite part of the room! The shelf was on clearance at Hobby Lobby for $13, and even though it was navy and turquoise, I knew it would be perfect in his room! After a quick blast of spray paint, it turned out just as I had envisioned! The Explore pennant is from Hobby Lobby clearance, I made the "M" for his first birthday party, and the arrows are from Hobby Lobby!

The yellow M is from Micheal's, the coyote is from Target, the black camping cup is from my Momma's house, the skulls are from my room back home, the antler and wood "M" are from Hobby Lobby, and my Momma got me the campfire candle a few years ago!!

I picked up the dresser at a used furniture store...I really wanted a vintage look, and loved this one!! I found the changing pad cover on Amazon and the trash can is from Target dollar spot!

 I changed out the knobs and handles for these super cute ones from Hobby Lobby! Loved how it turned out!!

Found these arrow bins from Ross, I think the pair of them were $5!!! 
I use the smaller one for diapers...

and the larger one for books!!

This adorable tee pee shelf was from Hobby Lobby!! It is soo cute!!

Love how this little nook turned out!

 The arrow is from Home Goods clearance...it was blue and white, so I spray painted it gray and distressed it a bit! Turned out so cute!! The lantern was from my Momma's!

The bookshelf was already in his room, but I added the bookends (Hobby Lobby clearance) and a framed picture of Lone Ranger that my Daddy gave him (this might be his favorite thing in his new room! ha!) The big lantern is also from my Momma's! I raided all her stuff while I was there!! hehe!

I made the curtains, since the ones that I wanted that looked exactly like these were $50 dollars a panel!! About halfway through the project, I was wishing I had just bought them, but I pushed through and got them done!! Whew!! 

The arrows between the closet used to be in the living room, but they look just right in his room!

 I'm so so so excited that it is all done and that I didn't have to spend a fortune making it cute!! I also changed up some things in Merritt's room, but I am trying to find one more piece to make it complete, then I will share pics with you!! 

Now, what will I re-do next?!?! hehe!! :)


Friday and Saturday!

Friday was my birthday and we headed out to the zoo!! It was super hot but everybody had tons of fun!! After the zoo, we celebrated at one of my faves Johnny Carinos, then had a very yummy cake that night!! What a great day!! :)

On Saturday, we got a new puppy! The Farmer named him Bob, but I call him Babalou!! :) 
We also went on lots of Bota rides!!