Merritt The Mutton Buster!

Merritt has been asking to ride another sheep ever since he mutton busted at the Black Hills Stock Show this winter! I signed him up for the Corn Palace Stampede Rodeo in Mitchell, SD, hoping he would get drawn for a night that would work for us, since it was right in the middle of county fair and the horse show! He luckily got picked for Sunday night, which was perfect for our schedule!! 

I'm still pretty much in shock, but yall, my baby rode the entire 6 seconds and got second place with a 85 point ride!!! We were freaking out to say the least!! hehe!! Soo proud of him!!! As he got back to the chutes after his ride, he asked The Farmer "Did I win, Daddy? I held on for so long!!!" haha!! Bless his heart...he wanted that huge trophy at Black Hills Mutton Bustin so badly, we told him he just had to hang on this time, and that's what he did!! 

He insisted on carrying his larger than life trophy all by himself all the way back to the stands, and when he got there, everybody cheered for him again! It was soo sweet! And he was over the moon!! 

I wished I would have gotten better pics, but I was just a shaking mess the whole time!! Surprised I got anything at all! ha!

McCoy was pretty excited too since this was his very first rodeo!! He kept telling everybody he was going to "rope those bulls!" ha! Also one of my besties and her fam came to watch too, so we had a really great time! I have more pics of the fun from the stands, but my phone is not cooperating tonight...stay tuned!!


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