MMM mmm good!!!

I was dying to use my Candy Corn M&M's, so I made these yesterday......

Ultimate Halloween Peanut Butter Oreo Brownie Bar...WOW!!! They are AMAZING!!! and so festive :) I would say, if you don't have the Candy Corn M&M's, use white chocolate chips instead....that's what they basically taste like anyway! We didn't have any ice cream, but I can see where it would make it even more delicious!! MMMMMmmmm!!!

In other news, Merritt got his first Halloween "happy" yesterday.....the box was even addressed to Merritt Wylie and the return address was from Honey Gram and Grandaddy...ohh boy, let the spoiling begin! ha! He got a Moose pillow pet...maybe we will share this! ;)

He also got some Little People coloring books and some Halloween toys in a fun little Halloween bag...yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I should take pics, but I have been shooting so many sessions lately, I have no desire to take pics when I don't have to!! Little Peep says thanks so much Grandaddy and Honey Gram for his fun surprise!! :) Actually he just kicks alot, but I'm sure that's what he means!!!

Now speaking of photo shoots, I only have 2 left before my "photography maternity leave" begins!!! I have about 6 shoots to edit, but I will be done shooting, so there is an end in sight! Now, don't get me wrong...I adore being a photographer and love all the new, fun people I get to meet and take pictures of, but this fall has just really done me in! Whew, it was a whirlwind! I'm sure being preggo had nothing to do with the exhaustion...hehe!! I look forward to February/March when I have more energy and time for taking pictures, well that is if this little boy doesn't wear me out even more when he's out of the womb!! :)

In even more exciting news, Zulily is having a sale on Mud Pie clothing today!!
Mud Pie is soo fabulous and I simply LOVE their EiEio line and what do you know, it was included in the sale! SCORE! and what's even better is, my sweet family in Louisiana sent me a gift card for Zulily since they can't make it to my shower in November. Sooo I used my gift card to get all the horse outfits (below!)!!! What a perfect present!! Thanks so much Petterson's! Yall are too sweet :)

Now in harvest news (this is for you UD!), they are DONE!!! There are still a few more things to finish up before they are officially through, but all the crop has been harvested! Woohoo!!! Actually this year wasn't so bad, since I was soo busy too, so it seemed to just fly by! Sorry I didn't get any pics this year, but just wait until this spring....I'll HAVE to get some "action" pictures of Rhett Rhett during his first planting!! :)

Now I am just looking forward to November and December with NOTHING to do but my Graphic Design job and cooking this baby :) Oh and a few craft projects, which I will of course be sharing when they are complete!!!

Have a great Tuesday!!!


More Zulily!

Just got some more fab Zulily buys in today!!! How cute is this little overall set?!?!?!

You can get it here....but I didn't even pay half that on Zulily!!

I also got these adorable pants in the same Buckaroo style as the overalls AND a matching shirt that I can't find a pic of online (and yes, I'm too lazy to drag out my camera and take a shot of the real thing!!)
I wish I had all the fun items in the Buckaroo collection but I'm not paying full price after I got such a great deal on the other stuff....hahaha!

I also got this amazing little gown and hat from Mad Sky on Zulily...

I already have this in the blue version, my Momma and I found it while shopping in Branson this, I wasn't preggers but it was on crazy sale and we don't pass up western clothes on sale...ever! ha!!! Anyway I love it so much I had to have it in the white too!! I also got a snap up footie in this same white cowboy pattern from Zulily, but again couldn't find a pic online, just try to imagine it's cuteness!!

Well, that's it for now! We have our last baby class's the big tour! I'm so excited and scared at the same time! hehe :) I'll be 30 weeks this Friday, so it's getting closer and closer every day!!!


Sooo..I'm having a boy!

For those of you out there that have boys or have shopped for boys, you will understand my frustration with the selection or lack thereof. It's slim pickin folks!! And if you are not into monkeys, lizards, dinos, dogs, or skulls it's even more slim!! I realize it's not that big of a deal and he will most likely just spit up on everything I put him in anyway, but this is my very first long awaited babe and I want his wardrobe to be fabulous...well at least until he's old enough to tell me NO when I try to put him in something ridiculous! ha!

Soo I have been on a mission to find cute boy items that meet my requirements....cowboy, farm, horse, tractor, or think this wouldn't be that difficult and I have even found quite a bit of things that stay true to my prerequisites, but it certainly hasn't been easy!!! I did, however, manage to score some amazing smocked items from Zulily and Southern Tots. Have I told yall about my LOVE of all things smocked?!?! This may not be as popular in Iowa, but in the south all the cool kids wear smocked clothing!! hehe :) I never thought I would find outfits that paired smocking with my strict clothing mandates...but I did!! First up this AMAZING cowboy longall I got from Southern Tots!! It's still a little wrinkled from shipping...oops!

Isn't it adorbs?!?!?! and the best part is, whenever he gets to be the right size to wear it, it won't matter what time of year it is because you can wear these without anything under them when it's hot or a cute little long sleeve shirt under when it gets chilly! LOVE IT!!! Oh and when it's really cold here, we just won't be leaving the house so that won't matter either!! HAHA!

The detail is fabulous...I have always been obsessed with smocking for little girls clothes/dresses (you should see some of my bestie Brittany's beautiful clothes for her Halle Faye!! To die for!), but I have to say these boy outfits are pretty spectacular too!! Southern Tots runs a sale every Tuesday and Thursday night on their facebook page, so you just need to "like" their page to keep up with all the awesome deals!!

I also picked up this smocked tractor shirt/pants outfit from a Southern Tots sale, it hasn't come in yet, but here's a pic of the cuteness!!

I actually got this tractor version in the longall style (like the cowboy one) from Zulily too, but it hasn't come in yet either. AND I got a cowboy version of the shirt/pants outfit like above from Zulily too!! Merritt is gonna be smocked out!!! ha!! Obviously these are not everyday outfits and I will probably suffer a melt down the first time he spills or gets dirty while wearing them but I will recover and as long as he looks cute, that's all that matters anyway!! HAHA! :)

Also, just so you don't think I'm not a clothes nazi, I will be putting him in cute plaids, stripes, solids, and jeans too!! I just had to have a few cute pieces to pacify the Southern Girl within!! :) Happy Friday!!


Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice!! :)

Of course by now yall know my love of all things pumpkin spice! Well, I have been gathering different pumpkin spice flavored items and thought I would share!!
On a recent trip to The Walmart, I found Planters Pumpkin Spice Almonds!! They are divine and a handful makes a perfect little snack! I also scored Pumpkin Spice Cookie Mix! Did they have this last year?? I have never seen it! I'm thinking it would be perfect with some white chocolate chips thrown in before baking!! Yummo! Now I am pretty sure the Pumpkin Spice Mallows are new! Soo fun and shaped like little pumpkins!! I haven't tried them yet, but I'm sure they are scrumptious!!

And of course my all time fave...Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses...ohhh these are just melt in your mouth deliciousness!! I can only find them at Target, so be sure to grab some next time you're there..they are a MUST try!! The first year I heard about these, we were headed to Montana for my bestie Mariah's wedding. We finally found some after stopping at every, Walmart, K-Mart and Target between home and Billings, MT!!! And we promptly ate a whole bag....haha! We had also found the Candy Corn flavored Hershey Kisses at the same time, they are quite good but not as good as the Pumpkin Spice!! The Farmer likes the Candy Corn Kisses better, but I haven't been able to find them yet this year. I did, however, find Candy Corn flavored M&M's at The Walmart!!! And let me tell you, they are GOOOOOODDDD!!!!

I put them in the cute little candy corn dish my Momma got me last year, along with the real candy corn and the Farmer has already eaten most of them!!

Hopefully I have enough left to make this recipe by The Picky Palate!!

Don't you just LOVE fall?!?!?! :)

In other news.....I went to my monthly Peep appointment today!! All is well and everything is coming along just as it should be! The most exciting part was making all my appointments up to the due date!! I can't wait to start going every week!! Soo glad to see the end in sight!!!


This and That!

Sorry for the lack of posts, but I just haven't been feeling it lately! I have been so busy with work and photography, when I get free moment I just want to watch TV or shop! haha!!

Speaking of shopping....Baby Merritt is set for Christmas!!! He probably wont be here by Christmas Day but he will be HUGE in my belly, so I think that counts for something!! I shopped for the elves since they weren't sure what to bring him and I found some really fun gifts for his patiently waiting Mommy and Daddy to give him...and who knows what Santa will bring?!?!?!

You will have to wait until Christmas to see all the cuteness, but I'll give you a hint "Fisher Price Little People!!" I am sooo addicted!!! Of course that's not all I got, but it is the majority!! ha!!! Did you know they have Thanksgiving, Halloween, Harvest and Christmas sets?!?!?! I only knew about the Nativity!!! Check out this site for all the fabulous sets!!

And just incase you were thinking of getting Merritt probably shouldn't!! hahahaha!!! I may or may not have gotten them all already!! I mean seriously how could I resist!?!?!? He already has the whole Farm/Barn Little People set that I got awhile ago for all my friends little kids to play with when they come he doesn't need that one either! Did I mention I am obsessed!! They are just SOOOOO cute!!!

The Farmer thinks I am just getting them so I can play with them, and he is exactly right!! HA!!! My brother, sister, and I had all the Little People sets growing up and we LOVED them!!! Of course they looked a little different than they do today, but my Momma has kept all of them so the grands can play with the old school ones too!! I'm not positive if the Farmer had them growing up or not (i think he did!), but once we were in an antique store and he spotted the old Little People Western Town and got super excited (well, as excited as the Farmer gets over toys that is!) he remembered playing with it at his cousin Dan's when they were kids, we were going to buy it, but there were to many broken! Wish they had a Western Town in the new stuff...I would be all over that!! Maybe I should write Fisher Price a letter letting them know little cowboys all over the world need a new updated Western Town..... ;)

Next on the list is to work on finding all the parts to the Little People City! I know there is a cute School Bus with little kids, because Rose lets me play with it when I visit Cora!! There is also a fun airport (he will for sure get to know the real airport very well with my family living in Mississippi!! Ohh the adventures!) and there is an adorable house and backyard set which will go perfectly with his farm! I might die a little inside if he prefers dinosaurs {gasp} over Little People!!! hehehe :)

Can you tell I am beyond excited for him to get here!!! :) Only 87 more days!!!!