Sooo..I'm having a boy!

For those of you out there that have boys or have shopped for boys, you will understand my frustration with the selection or lack thereof. It's slim pickin folks!! And if you are not into monkeys, lizards, dinos, dogs, or skulls it's even more slim!! I realize it's not that big of a deal and he will most likely just spit up on everything I put him in anyway, but this is my very first long awaited babe and I want his wardrobe to be fabulous...well at least until he's old enough to tell me NO when I try to put him in something ridiculous! ha!

Soo I have been on a mission to find cute boy items that meet my requirements....cowboy, farm, horse, tractor, or think this wouldn't be that difficult and I have even found quite a bit of things that stay true to my prerequisites, but it certainly hasn't been easy!!! I did, however, manage to score some amazing smocked items from Zulily and Southern Tots. Have I told yall about my LOVE of all things smocked?!?! This may not be as popular in Iowa, but in the south all the cool kids wear smocked clothing!! hehe :) I never thought I would find outfits that paired smocking with my strict clothing mandates...but I did!! First up this AMAZING cowboy longall I got from Southern Tots!! It's still a little wrinkled from shipping...oops!

Isn't it adorbs?!?!?! and the best part is, whenever he gets to be the right size to wear it, it won't matter what time of year it is because you can wear these without anything under them when it's hot or a cute little long sleeve shirt under when it gets chilly! LOVE IT!!! Oh and when it's really cold here, we just won't be leaving the house so that won't matter either!! HAHA!

The detail is fabulous...I have always been obsessed with smocking for little girls clothes/dresses (you should see some of my bestie Brittany's beautiful clothes for her Halle Faye!! To die for!), but I have to say these boy outfits are pretty spectacular too!! Southern Tots runs a sale every Tuesday and Thursday night on their facebook page, so you just need to "like" their page to keep up with all the awesome deals!!

I also picked up this smocked tractor shirt/pants outfit from a Southern Tots sale, it hasn't come in yet, but here's a pic of the cuteness!!

I actually got this tractor version in the longall style (like the cowboy one) from Zulily too, but it hasn't come in yet either. AND I got a cowboy version of the shirt/pants outfit like above from Zulily too!! Merritt is gonna be smocked out!!! ha!! Obviously these are not everyday outfits and I will probably suffer a melt down the first time he spills or gets dirty while wearing them but I will recover and as long as he looks cute, that's all that matters anyway!! HAHA! :)

Also, just so you don't think I'm not a clothes nazi, I will be putting him in cute plaids, stripes, solids, and jeans too!! I just had to have a few cute pieces to pacify the Southern Girl within!! :) Happy Friday!!



  1. Here are two links I recently came across on faceback with smockedclothing.!/Smockadot!/SmockedAuctions

  2. As I recall, all of my clothes purchases for my boys were from Sportsman's Guide or Cabelas. They have a great selection of camo, if you want to widen your perameters