MMM mmm good!!!

I was dying to use my Candy Corn M&M's, so I made these yesterday......

Ultimate Halloween Peanut Butter Oreo Brownie Bar...WOW!!! They are AMAZING!!! and so festive :) I would say, if you don't have the Candy Corn M&M's, use white chocolate chips instead....that's what they basically taste like anyway! We didn't have any ice cream, but I can see where it would make it even more delicious!! MMMMMmmmm!!!

In other news, Merritt got his first Halloween "happy" yesterday.....the box was even addressed to Merritt Wylie and the return address was from Honey Gram and Grandaddy...ohh boy, let the spoiling begin! ha! He got a Moose pillow pet...maybe we will share this! ;)

He also got some Little People coloring books and some Halloween toys in a fun little Halloween bag...yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I should take pics, but I have been shooting so many sessions lately, I have no desire to take pics when I don't have to!! Little Peep says thanks so much Grandaddy and Honey Gram for his fun surprise!! :) Actually he just kicks alot, but I'm sure that's what he means!!!

Now speaking of photo shoots, I only have 2 left before my "photography maternity leave" begins!!! I have about 6 shoots to edit, but I will be done shooting, so there is an end in sight! Now, don't get me wrong...I adore being a photographer and love all the new, fun people I get to meet and take pictures of, but this fall has just really done me in! Whew, it was a whirlwind! I'm sure being preggo had nothing to do with the exhaustion...hehe!! I look forward to February/March when I have more energy and time for taking pictures, well that is if this little boy doesn't wear me out even more when he's out of the womb!! :)

In even more exciting news, Zulily is having a sale on Mud Pie clothing today!!
Mud Pie is soo fabulous and I simply LOVE their EiEio line and what do you know, it was included in the sale! SCORE! and what's even better is, my sweet family in Louisiana sent me a gift card for Zulily since they can't make it to my shower in November. Sooo I used my gift card to get all the horse outfits (below!)!!! What a perfect present!! Thanks so much Petterson's! Yall are too sweet :)

Now in harvest news (this is for you UD!), they are DONE!!! There are still a few more things to finish up before they are officially through, but all the crop has been harvested! Woohoo!!! Actually this year wasn't so bad, since I was soo busy too, so it seemed to just fly by! Sorry I didn't get any pics this year, but just wait until this spring....I'll HAVE to get some "action" pictures of Rhett Rhett during his first planting!! :)

Now I am just looking forward to November and December with NOTHING to do but my Graphic Design job and cooking this baby :) Oh and a few craft projects, which I will of course be sharing when they are complete!!!

Have a great Tuesday!!!



  1. I have decided to do my little boy's room in cowboy after moving him into a big boy room. His room has been bare for almost a year just because I couldn't decide. My MIL is making denim and red bandana curtains and I found some cool half off cowboy decor at hobby lobby! I am just loving the cowboy look. Little boys grow so fast so be sure to get his cute outfits in all different sizes!

  2. So do I get to call him Merritt or Rhett? Or Rhett Rhett? Or Peep? I think I need some clarification... And side note: we need to do lunch in the next couple weeks!

  3. Thanks for the update. Pics would have been nice. Hope it was a good year !! Halloween gifts?? Cant wait for Christmas ! What will it be like when he is born !!!