This and That!

Yall, I am so tired!! It has been so busy, we are so excited to have absolutely nothing to do for at least the next three days!! Now I have to clean my house that looks like a bomb went of in it, tend to my jungle of a garden, and wash mounds of clothes!! But at least we can just be at home for a bit!!

First big harvest!! Apparently, I planted the garden before the Farmer could put some kind of anti-weed stuff on the soil, so they keep taking over! I weed one day and two days later it's a jungle again!! BLAHHH!!! I will for sure be doing more weed management things next year!!

I found this adorbs flamingo mug while I was in Mississippi! 
Had to have a cappuccino in it, perfection!! :)

Well I'm off to tackle a few things on the list but most importantly..enjoy summer!!!


Show and Birthday Weekend!

We had another big weekend! Horse shows and my birthday!! Merritt did so good! Three 1st paces in halter, a 1st, 4th, and 5th in Leadline, and a Three 2nd places in Pony Walk/Trot! He had been begging to do games since the last time, so we stayed all day and let him do the kids race and softball race again! He had a ball...we are all exhausted! ha!

This judge loved Jake and was so nice to Merritt!

He can't wait for next next year!!

Cool medal for Leadline!

Melt a Mommas heart!

kids speed race

softball race

My birthday, no other way I would spend it!

They went and got me a Dairy Queen ice cream cake! The boys had to make sure it was pink!! 
I also got a new Cricut!! Now to find time to actually open the box!!

Merritt and cute on their ponies!!


Black Hills Day Four!

After the kids mined for gold at Wall Drug on the first day, Merritt really became consumed with it and that's all he talked about! So when we saw the Broken Boot Mine ( we knew we had to tour it before we headed home! He absolutely loved it and has been playing "gold mine" since we got home! It was actually pretty cool and we all really enjoyed it!! They let you pick up whatever you wanted on the ground of the mine, so of course he brought home a bag full! After the tour, the boys got to pan for gold! They gave you a little vile to put your pay dirt in and they proudly have it displayed in their rooms! What a fun adventure!


Black Hills Day Three!

We left Custer and headed to Deadwood for our last full day! 
They have gunfights and shows all day and the boys loved it!! McCoy got to play with the band and Merritt got to play Go-Fish with the outlaws! We also got to see Wild Bill and Calamity Jane's graves. Love all the history in this little gulch!