What did I Ever Do Without DVR?!?!

I was sooo excited to watch the Royal Wedding EARLY this morning!! I am such a night owl that I figured I would just stay up til 3:00 am to watch...yeah right! Of course I fell asleep and didn't wake back up until 4:00ish and was so tired, I just went back to sleep! Thanks goodness I had the forethought to DVR all the coverage {whew!} I watched the whole thing when I woke up! Soo amazing! I mean, it wasn't my pink and green polka dot extravaganza, but not everybody can be as fab as me...not even a princes! hahaha!

My life has been so uneventful, I am having trouble finding things to blog about...boo!! I am in the early stages of taking on my "planting widow" role, as the Farmer is getting ready to plant the corn and soybeans for the year. If it will ever stop raining long enough, maybe they can get it all done :)

I did just book my ticket to go home for a week in June, so that is exciting!! My niece (August Ann) has her very first horse shows June 11th and I just couldn't bear to miss it!! I will be working during the day, but will hopefully get to see some of my friends during the evening while I'm home!! Can't wait!!

Well I am off to make some healthy guacamole...which reminds me, some of yall wanted to know what crazy diet I am on this time!! ha! Well, it's Nutrisystem! Which means no recipe post for awhile! I really love the food and the stability of it! So far, so good :)

No pictures for this post, because I am lazy!! I promise to start being a better blogger very soon!!!


The Easter Bunny came to visit is Sunday morning!! He brought the Farmer a TON of candy and he brought me some water bottles (I'm on a new diet and have to drink like 30 gallons of water a day..ha!), some tanning lotion, and some new books!!

The Down South book is SOOO cute!! It has this dog, Charlie, that goes from state to state learning all sorts of fun facts..it's kind of like Where's Waldo!!

Anyway, our big Easter surprise is a new bathroom counter top to replace the hideous one we currently have!! I am beyond excited! It will be here in 3 weeks, so sometime before then I will take a pic of the "before" so you will know just how tragic it was!!

I snapped this pic in Lowes....this is the counter top (in bamboo) and sink, it's called wave bowl! So fun!

And this is the faucet!! Love it!!

Can't wait to share the finished product!! :)


Busy, Busy, Bee!!!

As always, sorry for the lack of posts, but lately it seems like I have been consumed with 4-H!! Last Saturday I taught a 4-H graphic design workshop, then Tuesday I had Discover 4-H with the little kids, then that night I had a mini 4-H photography workshop, last night we had our regular 4-H Club meeting where we had a fashion show staring all our members to get them ready for county fair, then tomorrow our club is cleaning our section of the highway for a community service project! Whew, that's alot of 4-H!! :)

Here are a few of the snapshots our club photographer captured!!

On top of all this, I have been making tons of final plans for our week long summer vaycay over July 4th!!! I am beyond excited about it!!! We are going to MT!! Yes, again....we love Montana, especially in the summer! First we are heading to Higer, MT to see one of my besties babies that will be born in June! Then from there we are heading west hopefully stopping to see a few friends along the way, then ending up at Glacier National Park! I have been there before with my family in '07, but the Farmer has never been. '07 Family trip to Glacier!

He is trusting me with all the plans, so lets hope he likes the romantic boat ride, fun cabin type lodging, picnics, and a trail ride through the park!!! I mean how could I pass up seeing the Farmer on a horse!?!? We are starting out on the west side of the park and ending up on the east side at St. Mary, where we will be staying most of the trip! This is the fab place.. http://www.stmarylodgeandresort.com/index.php Can't Wait!!

I never really cared about wildlife or national parks until I went to Glacier! I had been to Yellowstone the year before ('06) with my fam, but I just didn't really like it...I went in with a bad attitude (yes, I doo get that way sometimes!) and that kinda ruined it for me! But the next year for Glacier, I decided to have a good attitude and had the BEST time!! Since then, I have been hooked and I have to say when the Farmer and I went back to Yellowstone last summer, I LOVED it!! You really just have to enjoy it...I mean it they weren't made into National Parks for nothing! They are all truly amazing!! But my favorite of all is the Tetons..mostly because of the multitude of moose! We all know how I love my moose!! :)

Daddy and I are actually taking our annual Daddy/Daughter trip a little early this year and going back to Yellowstone over Memorial Day weekend. We have never been that early in the season, so we are hoping to see lots of baby animals...I would go a year without popcorn to see a baby moose (that is a huge commitment on my part..ha!) So I am going to try my best to persuade him to make a quick jaunt down to the Tetons on the way home!! Knowing my Daddy it will take about half a second of persuading!! hehe!! He LOVES his wildlife! Whenever we go anywhere that could possibly have some form of a wild animal he always says "watch for wildlife, watch for wildlife," about every 5 minutes! So now the Farmer and I say it even if we are just going to The Walmart!! You never know when you might see something!! hehe :)

Ok that's enough typing for now! Hopefully I will have a post up soon full of gorgeous Easter eggs!!! :)

Happy Good Friday!!


Macy's New Born Pics! - Hull, IA Photography

This is my newest niece Macy! She slept through the whole shoot!! I couldn't believe it, she was my first "sleeper!" Check out some of my faves of the preciousness!!


Ask and you shall receive!!

hehe! I guess my Momma read my last post, because today we got our Easter Happy box and guess what was in it ?!?!?! Sanuks!!! The Farmer got a fun brown pair and a TON of Jelly Beans! He is skipping around the house as I type...he is a Jelly Bean FOOL!!!!

I got a Bahama Breeze Yankee Candle, an adorable little green Easter chick, and more Sanuks!! Orange and Gunmetal!! LOVE IT!! Thanks so much Momma and Daddy for our surprise :)



I have been so busy, I almost forgot to realize it is Spring!!! The Farmer is gone to Indiana to check out one of the places we get cattle from, so I have been taking care of Dashie the Dog! This requires me to put on real clothes and go outside! Outside into the fabulous spring weather we are having!!

He gave me instructions to give her food, water, and a little love! Done, done, and done!! I had gotten her a fun hot pink ball/rope toy for her Easter basket, but just couldn't resist giving it to her yesterday! She just looked soo sad! She misses her Farmer and the Farm!! She would much rather be running around chasing Luke the Farm dog, than cooped up in her pen here, but she will live..hehe! She has me, and that is nothing to turn her nose up at!! :)

Anyway, back to putting real clothes on....it is finally flip flop weather and my Sanuks have been glued to my feet for at least a week! I ADORE these flip flops! They are seriously like walking on air...sooo comfy!! They are not dressy sandal flops, but more casual...like for running errands, going to the pool, umm I cant think of anything else casual, but you get the idea!! I wear them all day because they just feel soo fab...seriously FAB!! My Momma sent me the black ones last summer and I loved them so much she got me even more colors! (Can't wait to see which colors she sends this year... hint, hint! hahaha!) I also have some of the Sidewalk Surfers which are just as comfy and sorta look like TOMS shoes!

I love them so much I decided to do a photo shoot...surely you are not surprised ;) Here is the link if you want to check out all the styles!! Soo fun! http://www.sanuk.com/products.phtml

The ones I have are called Yoga Mats (http://www.sanuk.com/yoga-mat)

Happy Spring!! :)

Fiesta News!!

First of all, Fiesta has announced it's new color for 2011...Marigold!!! They have done a few Anniversary pieces (like the platter Lacie gave me http://thefarmerandthesouthernbelle.blogspot.com/2010/06/my-moh-gift.html) and I just adore the color!! So I will be adding Marigold to my collection!! Now the bigger news is, they have come out with this AMAZING soup tureen!! http://www.fiestafactorydirect.com/p-699-marigold-soup-tureen.aspx The production run of this soup set will be limited 10,000 individually-numbered pieces, so I'm guessing it's part of the anniversary Marigold too! Isn't it divine?!?!?! Anyone want to get me an early birthday gift?!?!? ;) signature

Precious Elise - Hull, IA Pgotography

I was soo excited to finally meet precious little Elise, she was full of smiles and even let us put lots of fun flowers in her hair, my kinda girl!! :) Here are some of my faves!!


Sweet Jaylee - Hull, IA photography

How cute is this little girl?? And don't you just LOVE her name..soo cute!! Her Momma is BFFs with the Farmer's sister, so I was honored to take her newborn pics!! Here are some of my faves of this fun little family :)


April Fools!!!

I got the Farmer ggggooooooooooooooodddd!!! hehehe!! I called him while he was doing morning chores and frantically told him the basement was flooded!! He started freaking out immediately and of course I started laughing hysterically and said APRIL FOOLS!!! I suppose I should tell yall that we just spent...lets just say ALOT of money fixing our basement so it won't flood anymore...that's what makes it SOO funny!! hehehe!! Maybe it was a bit cruel but it's the only day I'm really allowed to be ;)

In other news, I have developed a new obsession...I mean collection!! :) The Berenstain Bears! I still have a lot to go on my Dr. Seuss books, but when I was at the Wal-Mart this week, I saw this.. It brought back all the fun memories of reading these books as a kid!! We had a fabulous collection and now my niece reads them! I always loved the pictures and they used such nice bright colors (can you tell I'm a graphic designer!?!?). The stories were soo good as well. I'm pretty sure each one taught some sort of a lesson, although I just assumed that they were Bear Country lessons and not for Hayley Mae! ha!

Anyway, I decided not to get the book then, but I kept thinking about it and how I really wanted to start the Berenstain Bears collection. One quick browse on Amazon later and the collection has begun!! :) I got the Baby Easter Bunny book (who is the baby on the cover? I certainly don't remember any other kids besides brother bear and sister bear!!) and also found another Easter one, The Berenstain Bears and the Real Easter Eggs, then since I wanted to get a few that I didn't have when I was younger, I picked up The Berenstain Bears and the Bad Influence, and The Berenstain Bears and the Week at Grandma's.

Then, I just went through and picked a couple ones that I remembered liking...The Berenstain Bears and Too Much Vacation, and The Berenstain Bears No Girls Allowed.

Then, I just HAD to have The Berenstain Bears Go to Camp.... We never had this one at home, but my Grandma (Ma) who had quite the collection too, had it! So whenever we went to visit in Louisiana, this was the first one I read! Such good memories!! :)

There are a hundreds of these books, so it will probably take me two or three weeks to get them all...APRIL FOOLS, Farmer, calm down!! hehehe :)