What did I Ever Do Without DVR?!?!

I was sooo excited to watch the Royal Wedding EARLY this morning!! I am such a night owl that I figured I would just stay up til 3:00 am to watch...yeah right! Of course I fell asleep and didn't wake back up until 4:00ish and was so tired, I just went back to sleep! Thanks goodness I had the forethought to DVR all the coverage {whew!} I watched the whole thing when I woke up! Soo amazing! I mean, it wasn't my pink and green polka dot extravaganza, but not everybody can be as fab as me...not even a princes! hahaha!

My life has been so uneventful, I am having trouble finding things to blog about...boo!! I am in the early stages of taking on my "planting widow" role, as the Farmer is getting ready to plant the corn and soybeans for the year. If it will ever stop raining long enough, maybe they can get it all done :)

I did just book my ticket to go home for a week in June, so that is exciting!! My niece (August Ann) has her very first horse shows June 11th and I just couldn't bear to miss it!! I will be working during the day, but will hopefully get to see some of my friends during the evening while I'm home!! Can't wait!!

Well I am off to make some healthy guacamole...which reminds me, some of yall wanted to know what crazy diet I am on this time!! ha! Well, it's Nutrisystem! Which means no recipe post for awhile! I really love the food and the stability of it! So far, so good :)

No pictures for this post, because I am lazy!! I promise to start being a better blogger very soon!!!

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