I have been so busy, I almost forgot to realize it is Spring!!! The Farmer is gone to Indiana to check out one of the places we get cattle from, so I have been taking care of Dashie the Dog! This requires me to put on real clothes and go outside! Outside into the fabulous spring weather we are having!!

He gave me instructions to give her food, water, and a little love! Done, done, and done!! I had gotten her a fun hot pink ball/rope toy for her Easter basket, but just couldn't resist giving it to her yesterday! She just looked soo sad! She misses her Farmer and the Farm!! She would much rather be running around chasing Luke the Farm dog, than cooped up in her pen here, but she will live..hehe! She has me, and that is nothing to turn her nose up at!! :)

Anyway, back to putting real clothes is finally flip flop weather and my Sanuks have been glued to my feet for at least a week! I ADORE these flip flops! They are seriously like walking on air...sooo comfy!! They are not dressy sandal flops, but more for running errands, going to the pool, umm I cant think of anything else casual, but you get the idea!! I wear them all day because they just feel soo fab...seriously FAB!! My Momma sent me the black ones last summer and I loved them so much she got me even more colors! (Can't wait to see which colors she sends this year... hint, hint! hahaha!) I also have some of the Sidewalk Surfers which are just as comfy and sorta look like TOMS shoes!

I love them so much I decided to do a photo shoot...surely you are not surprised ;) Here is the link if you want to check out all the styles!! Soo fun!

The ones I have are called Yoga Mats (

Happy Spring!! :)


  1. Very cool! I haven't heard of them but will check them out, considering I can wear flip flops for most months in the year!

  2. If the farmer is in Indiana, why didn't you come with him and see me?