Busy, Busy, Bee!!!

As always, sorry for the lack of posts, but lately it seems like I have been consumed with 4-H!! Last Saturday I taught a 4-H graphic design workshop, then Tuesday I had Discover 4-H with the little kids, then that night I had a mini 4-H photography workshop, last night we had our regular 4-H Club meeting where we had a fashion show staring all our members to get them ready for county fair, then tomorrow our club is cleaning our section of the highway for a community service project! Whew, that's alot of 4-H!! :)

Here are a few of the snapshots our club photographer captured!!

On top of all this, I have been making tons of final plans for our week long summer vaycay over July 4th!!! I am beyond excited about it!!! We are going to MT!! Yes, again....we love Montana, especially in the summer! First we are heading to Higer, MT to see one of my besties babies that will be born in June! Then from there we are heading west hopefully stopping to see a few friends along the way, then ending up at Glacier National Park! I have been there before with my family in '07, but the Farmer has never been. '07 Family trip to Glacier!

He is trusting me with all the plans, so lets hope he likes the romantic boat ride, fun cabin type lodging, picnics, and a trail ride through the park!!! I mean how could I pass up seeing the Farmer on a horse!?!? We are starting out on the west side of the park and ending up on the east side at St. Mary, where we will be staying most of the trip! This is the fab place.. http://www.stmarylodgeandresort.com/index.php Can't Wait!!

I never really cared about wildlife or national parks until I went to Glacier! I had been to Yellowstone the year before ('06) with my fam, but I just didn't really like it...I went in with a bad attitude (yes, I doo get that way sometimes!) and that kinda ruined it for me! But the next year for Glacier, I decided to have a good attitude and had the BEST time!! Since then, I have been hooked and I have to say when the Farmer and I went back to Yellowstone last summer, I LOVED it!! You really just have to enjoy it...I mean it they weren't made into National Parks for nothing! They are all truly amazing!! But my favorite of all is the Tetons..mostly because of the multitude of moose! We all know how I love my moose!! :)

Daddy and I are actually taking our annual Daddy/Daughter trip a little early this year and going back to Yellowstone over Memorial Day weekend. We have never been that early in the season, so we are hoping to see lots of baby animals...I would go a year without popcorn to see a baby moose (that is a huge commitment on my part..ha!) So I am going to try my best to persuade him to make a quick jaunt down to the Tetons on the way home!! Knowing my Daddy it will take about half a second of persuading!! hehe!! He LOVES his wildlife! Whenever we go anywhere that could possibly have some form of a wild animal he always says "watch for wildlife, watch for wildlife," about every 5 minutes! So now the Farmer and I say it even if we are just going to The Walmart!! You never know when you might see something!! hehe :)

Ok that's enough typing for now! Hopefully I will have a post up soon full of gorgeous Easter eggs!!! :)

Happy Good Friday!!


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