The Easter Bunny came to visit is Sunday morning!! He brought the Farmer a TON of candy and he brought me some water bottles (I'm on a new diet and have to drink like 30 gallons of water a day..ha!), some tanning lotion, and some new books!!

The Down South book is SOOO cute!! It has this dog, Charlie, that goes from state to state learning all sorts of fun facts..it's kind of like Where's Waldo!!

Anyway, our big Easter surprise is a new bathroom counter top to replace the hideous one we currently have!! I am beyond excited! It will be here in 3 weeks, so sometime before then I will take a pic of the "before" so you will know just how tragic it was!!

I snapped this pic in Lowes....this is the counter top (in bamboo) and sink, it's called wave bowl! So fun!

And this is the faucet!! Love it!!

Can't wait to share the finished product!! :)


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