After the fun at the farm, we headed to take Merritt to his first Circus! It was so fun and he was just mesmerized! I loved all the animals, but his favorites were all the "flying" ladies!! I haven't been to the circus since I was in elementary school and was soo excited to go back...the popcorn made it even better!! :)


Sunday Funday!

On Sunday, we headed over to the farm for lunch, an Easter egg hunt, and a few pics :)

fun with Luke!

This boy makes my life complete!! :)

The Farmer's Momma had planned an Easter egg hunt for the kids, but the bad weather delayed it until now!

they had so much fun :)

JoJo helping him find his yellow eggs!

checking out the goodies in their eggs!

Such a fun day!!

Summer Happy!

No, it's not exactly summertime, but since it has been so nice out, I wanted to give him some of the outdoor/summer stuff I have been collecting!!
The crab book in the front was a HUGE hit! It (along with stickers and paper) got us through a whole church service with out a peep :)
Also got his the Honeymoon spud...he looks like he's going to the beach, complete with sunscreen on his nose! We love Mr. Potato Head! :)

get that crab!

cheese :)  He is loving his carrot bubbles from his Easter Basket!

Outside fun...finally!!

I put together Merritt's Sand and Water table (it's farm themed and ADORABLE!) this morning and then put it, his little grill, and his tractor out on the deck! I don't have any sand yet, so I just filled the table with water for now :) He loved it and splashed and played for about 45 minutes, until he realized he was "trapped" on the deck (I used baby gates, so he couldn't get out) never underestimate the will power of a one year old....he shimmied right out through the spaces in the railing and took off!! Ughhh it's gonna be a long summer!! ;)  Maybe it's time to look into a nice tall chain link fence...wonder how long it would take him to figure out how to get out of that?!?! Ha!


This And That!!

Just a few phone pics...I found this adorable little grill for 8 bucks at a garage sale the other day...he LOVES it! Can't wait to bring it outside on the deck so he can cook with The Farmer! It is actually supposed to be spring weather this weekend, so we are super excited!!

obsessed with the ketchup!!

my sweet little man!

loves swinging :)

We took him in to have his ears checked yesterday and also did his 15 month checkup. He weighs 27 pounds and is 31.5 inches tall and his ears looked good! woohoo!! :) Also, he has added a new word to his vocab...cookie! Check out youtube videos :)

Silly Baby!

I'm sure you all know by now....we have a silly baby! Here are a few pics to prove just that :)

catching a little TV...who cares if Daddy can't see!

just relaxing in his tunnel!

first spaghetti experience!!

now this is just hilarious...he found a big cup in the kitchen and put his sippy inside it , then started drinking from it...he is soo advanced! ha!! :)

We love you little boy, silly and all!! :)