McCoy Open House!

McCoy had his Three Year Old Preschool Open House last night! 
He was so excited and did not want to leave!! He is going to love it, such a big boy!! :) 
He will have the same sweet teachers that Merritt had, we just love them! They are the best!  

Apple for the teacher!! :) 

I wish I would have gotten a pic of the whole bulletin board, 
it looks like the Chicka Chicka ABC Book, soo cute!! 

Merritt loved getting to show McCoy around his new school!

Because you know I love a good comparison AND 
they actually wore the same outfit for both of their preschool open houses!! 
And don't worry, his little backpack will have his name plastered 
all over it by his first day of school next week!!

Merritt's Preschool Open House Blog (link)

Fall Decor!!

I got all my fall loveliness up!! 

Decided to hang the boys Halloween costume pictures on the chalk board! Love it!

Pretty much the same as last year! 
Planning on changing it up in October with my Halloween stuff!!


What's Up Wednesday!

What we are eating this week? Pulled Pork, Pulled Pork Nachos, Cool Ranch Tacos, Stuffed French Bread, Chicken Tortilla Soup, and Homemade Pizza!
Can you guess which pizza was for which person?!?!

What we’ve been up to? 
Alan Jackson, Circus, Girls Day, Last Horse Show, First Day of School for Merritt, Zoo Trip and Enjoying the last days of summer!!

What I’m reminiscing about? 
Do I even have to tell you what I'm reminiscing about?!?! 
He looks so tiny from his first day of school two years ago!! :(

What I’m loving?

-Smart Sips K-cups: I got a variety pack on Amazon and have been loving them!! The French Vanilla and Almond Cookie are my faves!
-Tassel Earrings: I am obsessed with all things tassels and pom poms! I have lots of color options of earrings now, so I can wear them everyday!! hehe!! Soo cute!
-Dove Chocolates: I have a bag of these hidden in the kitchen, having one of these little gems is my favorite dessert!! The Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel is the best!!!
-Happy Planner: I am loving my new Happy Planner! This one is seasonal themed, which is beyond cute!! Their line of stickers is also amazing and so fun to decorate with!
-Guacamole Singles: These are my new favorite lunch item! Perfect with thin pretzels or wheat crackers! Soo good and a great size!

What I’m working on? MOPS!! All MOPS all the time!! hahaha...just kidding, I'm also taking over the treasurer position for Merritt's Saddle Club, so I have been doing some work on that too!! Add that to Sunday School and 4-H starting back up soon, this Momma is gonna be a busy bee!! :) 

We had our MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Steering Team Retreat on Saturday, and it turned out sooo great!! What a fabulous time of bonding and planning with our team, it's going to be a great year! Here's a peek at some of the stuff I made for the girls!! Loving my new Cricut!!

What I’m Dreading? Painting the laundry room! I'm doing an update to our basement laundry area! I am both super excited and dreading it at the same time!! hehe!!
The Farmer has already built this fab laundry sorter, so now I really need to get going on the rest of the projects!

What I’m excited about? Fall!!! Yall, It's close and I couldn't be more excited! 

What I’m watching/reading? Real Housewives of New York, Old 90210 Episodes on Hulu, and reading The Ringmaster's Wife (I saw this recommended in a Magazine, so far so good!!)

What I’m listening to? Alan Jackson! Ever since we saw him, I just can't take his cd's out of the car! Soo good!
Also, I'm too lazy to find another cd to replace it with!! hehe!

What I’m Wearing?
Finally back in real clothes! It's been a long summer of leggings, workout clothes, and pajamas!!
-The first outfit is really just all about the shoes!! How cute are these pom pom sandals!?!?
-I found these next two flamingo shirts while I was in Mississippi...doesn't every girl need several flamingo shirts?!?!
-Loving this navy tassel top I picked up at the Loft Outlet, it's like terry cloth material and soo comfy!
-Black lace shirt and statement tassel earrings..I feel like all my outfit options revolve around tassel earrings and I'm ok with it!! haha!!
-I wore this cute floral top to the Alan Jackson Concert...I paired it with these amazing Coconuts by Matisse but forgot to take a pic!
-The next floral top was from Zulily, it arrived just in time to wear to our MOPS Steering Team Retreat!
-Last but certainly not least is this fabulous mustard embroidered kimono!! I'm obsessed with all things floral embroidered, so this had to be mine!! (Snagged it from Giddy Up Glamour online) Mustard is the new black and it's for sure taking over my closet!! :) 

What I’m looking forward to next month? MOPS starting (our first meeting is going to be so fun!), going to ride Thomas The Train with one of my besties and her boys (can't wait!), going to every pumpkin patch we pass, and a Minneapolis getaway with my boys (The Farmer is fitting cattle at the Minnesota State Fair, so we are tagging along and going to make a trip to the Crayola Experience at the Mall of America! So fun!)

What else is new? I applied and was selected as one of Country Woman Magazine's Circle of Friends!! So exciting!

We are tasked with submitting photos, stories, craft ideas, and helpful tips. As well as sharing insight about the country way of life, and occasional product testing. We have already gotten to give some input on the holiday magazine! Having lots of fun so far!! :) So if you haven't already, you better hop on over and get your subscription to the fabulous Country Woman Magazine!! (link)


School Days!!

Well it's happening! He is off to Kindergarten! My tiny little chub muffin is at Kindergarten!! 
He was soo excited and could not wait to get on the bus! His teacher is so sweet and he is going to have an amazing year!! 

Last night was open house! How cute is he at his little desk?!?!

He was up at 6:00 this morning!! He is always my little early riser!  

I didn't cry when we dropped him at the bus stop, although I did shed some tears last night while reading him a "first day at Kindergarten book" and realizing that for the first time in five and half years, we wouldn't be having lunch together!!! WAAHHHHH!!!! He has been my side kick for so very long, it's just hard to think about my days without him...but here I am blogging away, pretending to be Jessica from The Man From Snowy River, while McCoy (as Jim Craig of course!) breaks wild horses! So I will be ok, and the best part is, we can go have lunch with Merr at school whenever we want!! Don't worry, I'll try to only go every once in awhile!! hehehe :) 


Last Show!!

We had our last show of the season this morning! Merritt got 1st in Halter, 5th in Leadline, and 2nd in Walk-Trot! I think he will end up 2nd in Halter, 4th in Leadline, and 2nd in Walk-Trot for the year!! We are so very proud of our little buckaroo!

They had such a fun time with their buddy Kayle today!

Just a little pick me up before Leadline!!

until next year!!! :)