One Last Hurrah!

I wanted to have one last fun day before we head back to school next week,
 so we went with Lydia and JoJo (and baby Claire) to the zoo!

After the zoo, we got some ice cream, then headed to Walmart! I told them they could both pick out a prize, so we went down every boy isle twice while they decided between Rescuebots and Legos! McCoy ended up picking out a small Lighting McQueen Lego set and Merritt got a new Rescuebot figure! McCoy declared he wants all the Cars 3 Lego Juniors on his Christmas list, I must admit they are pretty cute! Merritt also got to see all the new Jungle Legos in person and LOVED them, but they were out of the small set, so he chose the Rescuebot, and decided to put the Jungle Legos on his list! Yes, we are already thinking about know me!! haha!!

Then they got to do a ride, I think they are getting a little small for this one!!

I had to get a pic of this beast of a cart they made me push!! I only hit a few people!! hehe!

Great day with my boys! We will miss you summertime!


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