10 on 10!!

I had the best 10 on 10 yesterday! I met up with some besties and we had a fabulous girls day!!

spa pedicures!!

fall toes!!

They were having a cake decorating challenge at the mall! So fun to watch!!

loved this bbq one!

my color loving heart was drawn to these icing bags!!! #rainbowlove

Next we went to Bath and Body Works! Got some fall scented wall flowers, a Marshmallow pumpkin (my fave!) body butter, a smores anti bac, and a Hello Beautiful fragrance mist!

After the mall, we headed to Micheal's! They had Happy Planners on sale and I wanted to check them out! Fell in love and opted to get one this year instead of Erin Condren...i LOVED my Erin Condren planners but the price difference was just too good to pass up! Oh and like I was going to leave this minty/turquoise pumpkin on the shelf!?! No way, he came home with me!! :)

 Finally lunch at Mackenzie River...our fave!! :)

When I got home, it was time for ReFit!! 
After a day of indulging (Dark Chocolate Frappuccino and Lodge Pole bread sticks) 
this was a must!! :)

MOPS planning is in full swing! Our Steering Retreat is in a few weeks, 
so I am busy personalizing all these goodies! Can't wait to share with you!! 

And how cute is my latest creation?!?! Can't wait to sport it this fall!! 

Hope you had a great 10th!! :)


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